The Terry Amiibo is the Next Big Raid Boss

I’ve been messing with the Terry amiibo a lot. The general consensus among the competitive amiibo scene is that Terry’s going to be the next top tier amiibo – personally, I’m thinking he’ll be A+ tier thanks to a high skill floor, and an easy-to-reach skill ceiling. But there’s a lot more to Terry than just competitive amiibo tournaments, and I think I have a few strategies for some great Terry Raid Bosses.

We’ll leave the Spirits loadouts for our newest Regular Contributor, LML, and just handle playstyle today. There’s a few things that scare the actual bejeezus out of me as far as a Terry Raid Boss amiibo goes.

Terry amiibo has LEGENDARY Down-tilt

Terry’s got two routines built into Down tilt, not including the Powerdunk-related ones. His first one is a pretty automatic shield pressure – anytime the opponent is holding shield, he’ll start to spam his Down-tilt to pressure the opponent to drop the shield. If you parry or dodge it, you’re screwed – he can Down tilt again before you can respond. If you roll behind him, you’re double-screwed. He automatically turns around and hits you with another Down tilt, or something similar. If you jump, you have to come back down, and he’ll try to hit you with a Powerdunk. If you roll away, he can side special immediately to keep the pressure on until you break.

Your best bet in this instance is to jump, but that’s even assuming that this Terry Raid Boss doesn’t have a high enough Attack to delay your shield drop long enough to hit you again. Don’t shield.

The second one is at the ledge. Terry amiibo can use Down tilt at the ledge isn’t anywhere as good as, say, Marth‘s Down tilt for edgeguarding, but it’s got something that other amiibo don’t. It’s highly repetitive, and Terry can repeat it as much as he wants. If recover to the ledge, you’ll probably get hit by the Down tilt, but it doesn’t hit you enough to get you to change your recovery. You try to recover again, he hits you again, rinse and repeat.

The only way to beat this is to recover with a hitbox on the ledge – if you recover high, he’ll Powerdunk or Up smash you and get an easy KO. You’ve got to hit him away if you want to recover uninterrupted.

Laggy Jab-Jab-Powerdunk

Terry’s jab is pretty dang good – it comes out on Frame 3, and can transition to Jab 2 on Frame 6. He can then follow with Powerdunk, which comes out on Frame 6. Depending on the version of the Powerdunk Terry amiibo use, it can take only 20 or so frames to actually build up 25% damage on the opponent. But that 25% damage is without spirits, so Raid Bosses will have much more damage.

If you’re a player trying to beat a Raid Boss in an uninteresting Youtuber’s arena and you’ve got more than about 100 ping, you’re screwed – by the time you get the connection and have the response time, you’re in the Powerdunk, getting ready to die. Good luck.

So How Do I Beat the Terry Raid Boss amiibo?

Counter. Pick an edgeguarding character like Roy (Chrom is banned by many streamers so people can’t beat their Raid Bosses), and counter. Counter the jab, counter the Powerdunk, counter the Go! moves, counter absolutely everything you can counter, except Buster Wolf. Shield that sucker.


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