First Impressions of the Terry Amiibo – Amiibo Doctor

by Doc

I haven’t put my Terry amiibo through a thorough ringer of other amiibo trainers yet, but I can tell you one thing.

Terry’s pretty good.

Go! Moves

I can’t get my Terry to use many Go! moves, but that’s actually my fault. Other trainers have found that, despite my expectations, there is a variable that determines how often Terry will use them, and that you can get your Terry to use them by spamming them yourself. That’s the first of the four fears that I had about Terry.


While my Terry tends to use Down tilt as a starter for Powerdunk and many other combos, Jab-Jab-Powerdunk definitely exists and is usable by the amiibo. That’s the second of four fears that I had about Terry.

Burning Knuckle

I figured that Burning Knuckle would be a hidden benefit to Terry, and it doesn’t seem to be the case. While he can use it and use it effectively, it’s not his best move compared to other options, so we don’t have to worry much about him spamming it. It’s definitely not comparable to Falcon Kick in terms of relative utility. That’s the third of four fears that I had about Terry.

Down tilt


I wasn’t expecting Terry to have something as potent as built-in Down tilt follow-ups, but… man, does he have them. He can spam them at ledge to poke at an opponent, he can use it as a follow-up into a Forward smash, Powerdunk, Up special, and a whole bunch more. Terry’s really got a lot going for him out of Down tilt.

I’m not quite sure yet just how useful it’ll be, but it sure seems like it’ll be great.

Smash Attacks

Terry’s smashes are not as powerful or as useful as I’d predicted. His Forward smash is a good KO move, but it gets shielded easily because of its high startup time. His Down and Up smashes aren’t as useful as simply using a Powerdunk or something similar. This was the fourth fear that I had for Terry.

In Conclusion

Terry’s going to be good. I got some things right, a few things wrong, and one thing came out of the blue. I expect he’ll be the potent one to deal with.


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