The 3 amiibo that need an AI overhaul

by Doc, Owner, Founder, Could Use an AI Overhaul Himself

It’s no secret that Nintendo has a very unusual philosophy when it comes to what should function in amiibo AI. A specific amiibo having some kind of odd favoritism towards a move or an inability to use another move is very well-known, with Ganondorf’s Up tilt spam being the most notable example.

I think it’s high time that Nintendo rewrite some of the AI that amiibo have, especially these three. These amiibo are pretty low on the amiibo tier list, and there just doesn’t seem to be much that they’re good for.

1. Palutena amiibo

Palutena is a high-tier character in competitive human Smash, with many notable users. She’s got a lot to bring to the table and is one of the most potent fighters in the game.

Her amiibo is C+, and I’d say that’s generous. There’s been some tournament results with her that are frankly incredible considering how poorly the AI handles some of its moves. For a character that has tremendous utility in human hands, there’s a real lack of competency in Palutena.

Nintendo could start with Up air juggling, Neutral air chaining, or something a little more complicated-but Palutena needs more.

2. Zero Suit Samus

Similar to Palutena, Zero Suit Samus should have some potential, but just… doesn’t. The best Zero Suit Samus amiibo have figured out how to chain Forward air into itself, do some juggling and occasionally land kills, but otherwise… there ain’t much. An amiibo rewrite would make Zero Suit Samus use moves like Flip Jump as a (more consistent) attack, and use follow-ups out of Paralyzer.

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3. Ken

Ryu is a cluster of an amiibo. Ken is Ryu’s amiibo AI, but permanently brain transplanted onto a character that doesn’t fit. Technically, Nintendo lists Ken as an Echo fighter, but Ken is nowhere near close enough to Ryu that any strategies are comparable between them. In fact, Ken has combo routines for combos that don’t exist for Ken, only Ryu.

Ken, by far, needs an AI rewrite more than anybody.


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