3 Tips on How to Buy NTAG215 chips For Cheap

by Doc, Owner, Founder, Man Who Confuses Pringles chips with NTAG215 chips

There’s a few pieces of information that you absolutely need to know before shopping for NTAG215 chips or amiibo cards. This post is written specifically to save you as much money and heartache as possible. When it comes to using NTAG215 chips, we have separate guides to walk you through that.

1. All Chips are the Same

If you look on Amazon, you’ll see sellers try to differentiate their chips by listing them as Cards, Coins, Chips, Stickers, etc. It’s all BS. Every single one of them is just an NTAG215 chip decorated a different way, and there’s no functionality that is unique to one form. If you’re using these for amiibo cards, just get the stickers because they’re the cheapest, unless your card design absolutely requires cardstock.

They’re all the same manufacturer, and there’s no extra functionality of any type. They all work with Tagmo, they all work with Nintendo Switch, etc.

2. Chips should be priced on a per-unit basis

Because every chip is the same, once you’ve got the category you want, your pricing is very simple. Just divide the price of the chips over the quantity.

This will save you from getting swindled by sellers with tags like “Tagmo”, “Made in USA” (which is a lie), ” ALWAYS WORKS!!!”, “Rewriteable” and so on.

Amiibo Doctor has dealt with many current NTAG215 chip sellers and believe the best seller to be this NTAG215 listing. Please note that this link is an Amazon Affiliate link, and that Amiibo Doctor makes a cut of any sales made through this link.

3. NTAG215 chips can never be rewritten in some areas

As I explained in our guide on getting amiibo for cheap, NTAG215 chips have some degree of rewriteability. However, once their initial 8 bytes are written to, they can never be changed. An amiibo that is a Joker will always be a Joker once it’s been written with Tagmo. You can’t purchase someone’s trashed amiibo cards for less than market value and rewrite them – they won’t rewrite.

Therefore, you should buy as many chips as you’re planning to need. If you only want to use them for 5 Animal Crossing villagers, only buy 5 chips if possible. If you’re wanting to train amiibo for the entire cast of Smash Ultimate, buy a pack of 100.


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