The Best Uses of an Armor Knight Spirit Effect in Smash Ultimate

The Armor Knight spirit is bar none the best in Smash Ultimate, and is undoubtedly the king of the Big Five spirits. However, the Halberd spirit is one of the hardest to get in the game, and one could make an argument it’s the hardest spirit to obtain in the game. So how do you use your limited Halberd/Armor Knight resources? Which amiibo are the most deserving of the Armor Knight spirit?

It shouldn’t be a surprise that the amiibo that are at the top of the amiibo tier list are generally going to be considered better, but the most beneficial option for Armor Knight on an amiibo will surprise you.

Ganondorf amiibo

Ganondorf is already an absolute tank – not more of a tank than the other amiibo on this list, but definitely a tank. Unlike the many other amiibo in competitive amiibo, Ganondorf benefits more from Armor Knight than just the increased Defense. His massive and fast reach allows him to KO earlier, even compared to more powerful amiibo opponents with less range – and almost everyone has less range than Ganondorf.

This is also what helps him to be an onstage nightmare. Aside from his Dash attack options, Ganondorf’s KO attacks all cover a large chunk of the stage. There’s really no beating a Ganondorf with Armor Knight if he’s staying on the move.

Incineroar amiibo

This shouldn’t surprise you – Incineroar amiibo are even more of an onstage monster than Ganondorf, and they’re difficult to knock off. Incineroar’s Alolan Whip can cover slightly more range than Ganondorf’s Forward smash, and the angle that it sends opponents at is pretty hard to recover from. Turning Incineroar into a knockback-resistant Command Grabber basically ends any opponent who doesn’t know to get out of the way.

Bowser amiibo

You’re probably noticing two trends on this list: the amiibo that make the most of Armor Knight are heavy, and have long reaches. Bowser is a more… specialized variant of that stereotype. Bowser’s reach is subpar, and while his hitboxes are large, so is his hurtbox, so he doesn’t really have much range.

Despite that, he’s the heaviest character in the game, so he’s sacrificing reach for weight. Fortunately, the attack boost really helps him make up for the lack of reach, which is why he’s the third best option for Armor Knight.


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