How to train a Lucas Amiibo for SSD

By Spike, Regular Contributor

   As you may have noticed, I’ve recently been writing articles for Supper Sudden Death, or SSD. You may also have seen the Mii Gunner guide, outlining one of the strongest contenders in the meta. What you might not know is that there’s a character that hard counters Mii Gunner- and it’s Lucas.

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A New Tier List (May Update)

By Spike 

 The last edition of ANTL&RBH (hereto referred to as ANTL) was a while ago. It’s actually been months, and it’s definitely time for an update. However, after this one, I will be making an effort to update ANTL with new editions much more often and consistently. However, it takes hours (we’re talking three or four) for me to write even a short piece on every amiibo in the metagame, so the new ANTLs will focus on metagame trends and changes from the last one. Cool? Okay, then, let’s dive right in!

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