The Beginner’s Guide to Training the Peach and Daisy amiibo in Smash Ultimate

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by Kangoni, Regular Contributor

Kangoni here, and this post is going to go over the Peach & Daisy amiibo. I have trained over 30+ bins of Daisy, and have won 2 tournaments with her.

Doc note: Kangoni is by far the most accomplished Peasy trainer at the time of this writing.

For this post, I’m going to just be referencing Daisy, because that’s what I am personally used to.

AI Issues

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First, let’s go over the flaws that Daisy’s AI has.

  1. Daisy thinks her Up Smash hitbox is bigger than it is.
    This will cause Daisy to more often than not, sourspot the Up Smash. Which can miss a lot of kills later in their opponents stocks.
  2. Daisy Down Air = Ganondorf Up Tilt
    Like the Gerudo King himself, whenever you use Down Air during training, they tend to spam it during regular battle. Not as much as Ganondorf with his Up Tilt, but still a good amount.
  3. Daisy rarely uses float properly.
    Now, “using float properly” is a vague term, as using float properly can mean different things.
    What I mean by this, is that the amiibo has a VERY hard time properly float cancelling her aerials. I have seen newer versions of my bins float cancel nair properly, but the only times I have personally seen this is in arenas, and VERY RARELY.
    Daisy CAN however, PERFECTLY FLOAT over projectiles. This includes Mii Gunner Missile, The Belmont’s Cross, Wolf Laser, and pretty much any straight moving horizontal projectiles.

Overall playstyle

Second, let’s go over some different playstyles of Peach and Daisy.

  1. Upsmash Spam – Grounded
    Similar to Link’s Upsmash in terms of vertical range, this move is actually AMAZING under platforms.
    If the amiibo can sweetspot it, the move kills REALLY early. Like, 80-100% range.
    This playstyle mainly loses to amiibo that shield, and faster movement based characters. (Sonic, Pichu, FE Swordies, etc.)
  2. Combo Based – Mix
    This playstyle is similar to how PG | Daisy plays, which is a mix of Down tilt > Forward air, throw combos, edgeguarding, and Upsmash. This is the playstyle I have won both tournaments with, and its a really good playstyle.
    This playstyle mainly loses to amiibo that have really good vertical recoveries offstage, (Pits, Marcina, Chrom, Ike, Zelda, Mewtwo, Palu, Shulk etc) and ground spam amiibo (Musket Method amiibo like Lucina, and Shulk, Missile spamming Gunner, etc)
  3. Grappler – Mostly Grounded
    This is a NEW method, that I have been testing for quite a while. While I haven’t entered CK | Latte into any tournaments yet, I have tested this A LOT in personals, and she consistently places Top 4 in them, even when my other good amiibo like my Ganondorf, K Rool, Zelda, etc are in the mix.
    This method is primarily based on Throws. Daisy’s AI is REALLY good with their throws, and can learn alot of different combos. The main one is Down throw > Back air, which does a decent amount of damage and can chain into a second one if applicable. Some other ones are Down throw > turnaround Forward tilt, Up throw > Up special, Down throw, Side special, etc.
    This playstyle racks up A LOT of damage quick, and if you mix in a decent amount of her smashes (Yes. ALL of them work.) which makes this playstyle do amazing things.
    This playstyle mainly loses to amiibo that can get around grabs. (Musket Method amiibo like Lucina, Shulk, Forward-tilt spamming Dedede, etc.) Surprisingly, This playstyle doesnt lose to much, in my personal testing.

How to train Peach and Daisy amiibo

How to train these are simple, so here is a TL:DR of what to do.

  1. Upsmash Spam
    Mostly Upsmash, and Uptilt. Uptilt scoops into the air so it can combo into Upsmash at lower percents, grabs into upthrow to get amiibo into the air. Thats mainly it.
  2. Combo Based
    Fair, Throw Combos, Upsmash, Edgeguarding. I go more in-depth into this playstyle in the video that I did a couple months ago on the Amiibo Doctor youtube channel.
  3. Grappler
    ALOT of Throw Combos. Spare amounts of smash attacks, mostly Forward Smash. A good chunk of edgeguarding because that can secure kills really early.

Why it Works

The best one BY FAR is the Grappler Playstyle. I’m super excited to actually send this one to tournaments after some fine-tuning.
Therefore, I have actually had some OK results with the Combo Based Playstyle. The tournaments I’ve won haven’t been big, but PG | Daisy has gotten some Top 8’s at some bigger tours, including Amiibo Strike #11 (Waifu vs Bae) and some tournament upsets, such as eliminating Dreamy Jay’s Mr. Mallet in Losers of Ultimate Winter 2.

Well, there you have it. The majority of my knowledge about these two amiibo. I hope to see some up and coming Peach/Daisy amiibo in the near future! Have fun, trainers!

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