The Beginner’s Guide to Training the Young Link amiibo in Smash Ultimate

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Hello! I am Bunion J. I have had many good placements with Yink and even have a B+ win with him! Today, I am going to pass my knowledge about Yink to you.

Happy Reading!

Note about this article to the reader.

Young Link sometimes goes by Yink for short, so I will sometimes say Yink instead of Young Link.


Ok. This is going to be a while because Yink has a lot of AI issues.

Let’s start with the most stand out AI flaw of Yink.

When Yink is recovering, he will sometimes attempt to tether underneath the ledge. He will be expecting the tether to hit, but he does not take the startup in to account. so, he will miss the ledge which causes Yink to die about 80% of the time. There is not anything you can do about it and it happens very often. If it happens during a game, tuff luck.

A similar AI flaw is when he is recovering high. However, this time he will be above stage. I won’t go too in depth on this flaw because it does not do anything bad but waste time.

Yink’s next AI flaw has to do with his down smash (and up smash). When Yink shields or parries an attack, he loves to down smash the moment he drops his shield. This can be good, but he will also do it if he is too far away from the opponent for it to hit, or to a projectile.

Ok. Bomb. Bomb sucks. Yink does not know how long until his bomb blows up, which sucks because it is a multi hit projectile. He will use it at the ledge if he does not have time to use a boomerang or fire arrow, with is why you want to go offstage as much as possible. The things you can do to limit his bomb usage are, don’t get hit by it, don’t parry it, don’t sheild it, don’t let Yink blow himself up with it, don’t jump over it, and certainly never use it. Doing any of the things listed above can cause him to spam it. He already likes to land with down B without any of these things happening, and that is bad enough. So please, don’t use bombs.

Oh boy. We are back to more grab flaws. I will go very in depth on this specific AI flaw later in this article, but all you need to know right now is that Yink has grab hard coded into his AI. No matter what you do, he will always use his grab. However, I will tell you a way around this later in the article.

Young Link does not know how to angle his boomerang. He never will even when he is at the ledge. This is another reason why going offstage is better than staying on stage.

Don’t use Down Aerial because his AI uses it weirdly

Young Link likes to charge his bow and arrow when he is pressed up against the opponent. Don’t use it.

Last but not least, Up Special on stage. Up Special on stage is a great tool that Young Link can use. There is only one problem and it is not even that big of a problem. He doesn’t know he can charge Up Special on stage. It is not that big of a deal, but it is worth mentioning because no matter how much you charge yours, it will not affect him. Though, it would be nice if he could learn to charge it a little bit.

Overall Playstyle

Young Link is not a very fun amiibo. His whole game is to charge at the opponent and bully them with his boomerang. When they get close, he hits them away and throws out more boomerangs.

His offstage game is crazy but some people prefer to keep him on stage. Though I don’t recommend this option, you can do it if you want.

How To Train The Young Link Amiibo

Ok. Let’s talk about spirits.

I suggest giving him even stats, but a little more attack than defense is not worse and works fine.

His support spirits should be,

Weapon attack Up

Weapon attack Up

And Floaty Jumps

This is good because floaty jumps makes him not SD when grappling the ledge.

The two weapon attack ups give him great power for racking up damage and getting kills, a thing that he usually struggles with in vanilla.

I must quickly give you a warning that Young Link is the worst Link out of the 3, and in my opinion bottom 7. So, if you want a good amiibo, train someone else.

And with that said, let’s get into training. . .

You should play on Final Destination, 10 stocks, first to 3, and be Young Link yourself.

For this first round, you should not be focusing on Boomerang yet. Try to use your other attacks like forward tilt, dash attack, and down tilt. Those three moves are very good for Young Link.

All of your smash attacks should be used in different situations. Up smash should catch landings along with putting them in the air. It should be your #1 smash attack. Forward smash is good for reaching out for the opponent instead of getting them off of you. Use it a good amount, but not too much. And finally we have Down Smash; Down Smash should be used a little bit, but not too much at all. You see, Young Link likes to spam this move Like how Mario liles to spam Down Aerial and Ganondorf likes to spam up tilt. (but not a s bad as those) but make sure he does not forget it because it is a good tool.

When the opponent is in the air, you can either catch their landing with an up smash, juggle with up airs, or catch their fall with a forward air. Do them all a lot because he should never do just one.

Land with neutral air and nothing else. This is all you need.

Listen very carefully to this part. Grab is not good because of many reasons, one being that he will use it from across the stage thinking it will hit. It is built into his AI that you can never stop him from having a chance of using it. But, you can teach him to use it carefully. Grab just a few times when training, and when you do, don’t use Up or back throw because they both suck. The one other thing you should know is to never Dash grab.

Now you have a choice. Do you want your Young Link to use Up Special on stage?

Up Special on stage can be very good. It goes into Up air and is a multi hit move. But, it is 100% not needed to have a successful Young Link. You decide what you want.

So, by now you have finished game 1. Now let’s move on to game 2!

Spam boomerang like your life depends on it. (Be careful to never use Boomerang in the air because he can self-destruct if he does. It also just sucks in the air.) Do this along with the stuff mentioned above and you will be good to go!

*Do the same stuff for game 3 as well*

Make sure you go offstage for an edgeguard every chance you get.

After you have done every step above, I suggest this. . .

Do 1 more round of 10 stocks and first to 1

Use this game to get rid of all his flaws. After it is over, You should be done.

Young Link does not need to be trained after this because he is a very sensitive kid and 1 extra game could ruin him. He will be around his 30’s in levels. So, turn off learning and get him to 50.


You have made the best Young Link possible as of the time this guide was published.

Why It Works

If you have played in competitive amiibo for any time at all, You know that amiibo can be very dumb sometimes. There are some amiibo that take advantage of this like Snake, Incineroar, and Captain Falcon. They all have at least one thing that amiibo don’t understand. For example, Incineroar’s Side Special is a very good attack, but amiibo almost always get hit by it because they don’t think to mode out of the way. Same with Captain Falcon’s Down Special.

You could call Young Link an AI breaker because amiibo don’t think to tech after getting hit by his boomerang. This can let him hit them with another one straight away over and over again.

And that is it!

I enjoyed writing this article for Doc and I hope you found it helpful.

Good luck trainers! I hope to see you in tournaments.


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