The Beginner’s Guide to Training the Mewtwo amiibo in Smash Ultimate

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by Murbert, Guest Contributor

Hey! I’m Murbert. I have had a lot of success with Mewtwo including many tournament wins with the character.

Doc note: Murbert’s gone way past other Mewtwo trainers, so I’m very glad we have this info from him!

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AI Issues:

Mewtwo does not have any big AI issues.

Overall Playstyle:

Mewtwo should play in order to make use of his really powerful Forward Air. This means using moves that send the opponent in the air. That being said, Mewtwo should stay grounded until his opponent is in the air.

Forward Air is one of Mewtwo’s best tools. It may have low range, but it is fast and has good kill power. Use it often when the opponent is in the air.

Forward Smash is another good kill option. It has decent range, but is also slow. Use it moderately to rack up damage and kill on stage.

Up Smash is also a good kill option. It can be used to hit opponents who are right beside Mewtwo but it is best used to catch landings. It is a multihit so amiibo have trouble shielding it.

Down Tilt is a good combo starter. It can lead into Forward Air and Up Tilt. Use it a decent amount on the ground.

Grabs are really good on Mewtwo. His Down Throw allows for a Forward Air follow up and his Up Throw sends his opponent right where he wants them, the air. Use Grabs, including Dash Grabs often.

Dash Attack is good to knock opponents in the air to follow up with an aerial. Include a bit of it during training.

Neutral Special is a really good projectile when fully charged. The only problem is charging it. It has tremendous kill power. Use it, but only when fully charged and be careful with its usage. You do not want Mewtwo to charge it at the wrong time. He should use/charge it only when the opponent is far away or respawning. Mewtwo also has a problem where he will either not charge it at all or charge it all the way and never use it. This is a difficult move to teach the amiibo to use properly. Leaving this move out of your training is a more consistent strategy.

Back Air is good for building up damage. He should use it when his opponent gets behind him in the air, otherwise he should use Forward Air.

Neutral Air and Down Air are decent landing options. Neutral Air can build up damage while Down Air is strong enough to kill off the top at high percentages.

Offstage: I recommend chasing opponents offstage with Mewtwo because of his strong aerials and good recovery. Prioritize Forward Air off stage. Mewtwo tends to miss Down Air a lot but it can be used close to the ledge (so that Mewtwo does not double jump while using it).

Why it Works:

Generally, Mewtwo’s kill moves are slow and punishable. However, his Mewtwo playstyle works because it takes full advantage of one of Mewtwo’s strongest moves in amiibo, his Forward Air. It’s fast, can kill, and can rack up damage.

Mewtwo is a very fun amiibo to train. I hope this guide helps you on your journey to unlock the full power of this legendary Pokémon.


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