How to train a Wario amiibo in Smash Ultimate

by fammydamammy, Guest Contributor

Ever since his inception into the competitive amiibo scene, fammydamammy has been relentlessly training Wario garnering four wins and several top 8’s with an amiibo that throughout the meta has been very underrepresented, really pioneering the Wario amiibo.
He was also the subject of a mini-documentary on the Amiibo Doctor Youtube channel

AI Issues
Wario is hard-coded to recover horizontally with his side special the “Wario Bike,” most times there isn’t an issue but occasionally Wario will happen to land onstage while recovering with bike to where he will slowly ride over to the other side without accelerating leaving Wario horribly vulnerable, Wario also tends to get stuck on the platforms similar to Battlefield’s when the Wario Bike is used on them, which leads to the Wario amiibo driving side-to-side on them until Wario gets hit. Wario also has a tendency to spam Neutral Air, which doesn’t accomplish much for the amiibo since amiibo can’t take advantage of it’s strengths like a human can. Only use side special to recover and avoid neutral air.

Overall Playstyle
The Wario amiibo in amiibo vs amiibo should stay grounded for a majority of the match to take advantage of his smash attacks and tilts only leaving the ground to go for Up Air or an edgeguard. Wario has the ability to take amiibo to kill percent in seconds from Up Air chains and juggles from an Up Throw, Up Tilt, or even Up Smash. Wario also has the Waft at his disposal which can help Wario net early kills as well.

Getting Started
If you intend to train your amiibo with spirits, an even 2100/2100 is the most viable option for pretty much all amiibo. As for supports, Super Armor, Great Autoheal, and Armor Knight are the best spirits in the game but are banned from the current tournament ruleset. Other options to consider include Physical Attack Up, Trade-Off Ability, Move Speed Up, Hyper Smash Attacks, Toss & Meteor, and Fist Attack Up.
Mirror matches are always the best way to train any amiibo, for a recommended ruleset, I prefer using 5-minute matches on Omega stages but the ruleset shouldn’t matter that much as long as its stock or time matches on either Omega or Battlefield stages.

How to Train Wario

Forward-Tilt is Wario’s best grounded move for building up damage, has great range and can be used at ledge to two-frame. It can even kill most characters past 110%

Neutral Special (Chomp) is Wario’s standing command grab. Solid damage racker with the bonus of Wario being able to heal himself with it while chomping away on his opponents in Smash Ultimate. The amiibo can get quite good at catching opponents off guard with it, so use it frequently alongside forward-tilt.

Up Tilt is great option for quickly getting opponents into the air to setup for Up Air juggling, Wario is also hardcoded to chain multiple Up Tilts at low percents and finish with an Up Special, but Wario can also learn to simply Up Tilt to Up Air as well.

Up Smash is Wario’s most versatile smash attack, good for catching landings, getting KOs, or even just damage building. It’s attribute of short intangibility during the move makes it even better as an anti-air. The move launching upward can even let Wario juggle the opponent for even more damage. Use this frequently.

Forward Smash is Wario’s most powerful smash attack, it has excellent kill power, great damage, and good range. It’s only drawback being it’s high end lag. It should be used frequently, but priortize Up Smash more than Forward Smash.

Wario gets a lot from his grabs whether its building damage with an Up Throw to Up Air or getting opponents offstage for an edgeguard with Forward or Back Throw, Wario is great with grabs, so teach it to grab frequently.

Wario’s up-air does good damage and can juggle, meaning that the amiibo will often land multiple, meaning it can potentially make the opponent reach kill percent in mere seconds in some scenarios, given the opponent is starting at low percent. Make sure Wario learns it and learns it well!

Back Air and Down Air are very powerful moves for edgeguarding opponents, and Wario’s great recovery means that Wario isn’t risking his life to go offstage, so teach Wario to go offstage with these.

Getting the Wario amiibo to use the Waft effectively is probably one of the harder parts of training a good Wario. Make sure every Waft from yourself and the amiibo’s connects, if any Waft misses during training, restart the match. This will help Wario understand how to space Waft effectively.

Why It Works

In the amiibo metagame, high weight, damage, and killpower are prioritized with Wario fulfilling each of these quite well. Most of Wario’s grounded moves hit hard and quick, allowing Wario to build up damage for a kill with ease. Wario being trained as a grappler can also really help Wario set up for juggles with an Up Throw to rack up a lot of damage or let Wario set up for an offstage play with a forward or back throw. Wario has great kill power in Up Smash but has even greater kill power in Forward Smash, in human play Forward Smash is very risky due to its end lag but amiibo seem to run into it a lot of the time and don’t understand how to punish its end lag in most cases. As for Waft, the method shown above will help Wario learn the spacing of Waft, but it’s worth noting it isn’t guaranteed he will land every Waft, but he will certainly connect with it more often.

That about wraps up my Wario amiibo training guide. Happy training!


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