The Beginner’s Guide to Training the Pichu amiibo in Smash Ultimate

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by Mono, Guest Contributor

Hey! My name is Mono, I’m here to teach you about training Pichu. I’ve landed multiple Top 8 placements with my Pichu amiibo “Spwike” and have pulled 2 wins with him, one being the first ever standard Pichu win.

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AI Issues

Pichu is incredibly low on the amiibo tier list for several reasons. He’s incredibly light, focuses on combos and damages himself. Aside from those issues, the AI also does not usually recover and snap to the ledge, leaving him very vulnerable. This sometimes causes the little rat some stocks and even games. In addition, Pichu uses Thunder offstage, and does a horrible job of it – he sometimes SDs when using it.

So despite all these issues, how should you train your Pichu amiibo?

Overall Playstyle

Keep him on the ground. Jumpy amiibo are definitely not great, especially with Pichu being so light. Parries are excellent for Pichu, so try to shield flicker in the hopes of getting parrying into your amiibo. Then get him to grab as much as possible, and always go offstage. That’s the basic Pichu playstyle.

How to Train the Pichu amiibo

Forward Smash (Holding the C / R-Stick to the left or the right) – Forward Smash is a great kill move, it kills decently early and is a multihit, which is great for amiibo. Use this move often during training so the little rat will learn how to use it.

Down Smash (Holding the C / R-Stick down) – Down Smash is big in Pichu’s moveset, it can kill, it is a multhit and it hits from behind. This is great when used to kill or to just rack up damage, this move should be used the most during training, next to Forward tilt.

Up Smash (Holding the C /R-Stick Up) – Up smash is a good move, but not the best since if your Pichu whiffs it, it leaves your Pichu open for a smash attack or a grab which could lead to him dying. The best way to use this move is for anti-air attack when your opponent is at high percent and for nothing else.

Forward Tilt (Moving the L-Stick to the left or the right while pressing A) – Forward Tilt is Pichu’s best move, it can kill, it goes long-range and it deals a great amount of damage and knockback. Use this move the most during training just like Down Smash, use this move to get your opponent offstage to go down for a SPIKE!

Down Tilt (Moving the L-Stick down while pressing A) – This little Tail Whap is really good for starting a combo. Examples include Down Tilt to Down Air which at ledge could spike or Down Tilt to Up Tilt at low percents which could lead to juggling with Up Air.

Up Tilt ( Moving the L Stick up while pressing A) – Uptilt is great for jugging with Pichu, it also gets your opponents up in the air. Combo it into Up Air or Forward Air!

Jab (Press A) – Do not use this move, even in tech chases. Pichu would use this move randomly and could lead to him dying.

Forward Air (Jump using Y, X or Tap Jump then hold the L Stick forward while pressing A) – A great move to use to finish off combos. Examples are Down Throw to Forward Air or Down Throw to Up Air to Forward Air.

Down Air (Jump using Y, X or Tap Jump then hkd the L Stick button down while pressing A) – YOOOO DOWN AIR, it spikes and sends oponents down which can lead to very early gimps. Use this move when the opponent is offstage and try to get the spike!

Up Air (Jump using Y, X or Tap Jump then hold the L button Up while pressing A) – Up air is Pichu’s best juggling tool! Use it when your opponents are up in the air and are open to juggle

Back Air (Jump using Y,X or Tap Jump then hold the L button to the opposite direction while pressing A) – Back Air isn’t great, since Pichu does not know how to follow up. Yep, Pichu Amiibo can’t “lightning loop”. So don’t use this move at all, it’s no good.

(Disclaimer: Do not Jump too much during training, only jump when you need to combo or go offtsgae or if your opponent is in the air too. Remember, we are trying to keep him grounded.)

Forward Throw – Only use this at ledge or to get your opponent offstage.

Down throw – Use this to combo into Upair which could then combo to Forward Air. As much as possible try to get this combo.

Up Throw – Use this to get your opponent up in the air and to juggle with Up air. But as much as possible try to use Down Throw more. Also, Up throw to Thunder does not work.

Back Throw – Only use this at ledge or to get your opponent offstage.


Up Special (Hold your L Stick up then press B) – Do not use this aside from recovering.

Down Special ( Hold your L Stick down then press B) – Do not use this offstage as it could get your Pichu to SD.

Neutral Special (Press B) – You MAY use this for edgeguarding, though Down Air is better.

Side Special (Hold your L Stick to the right or the left then press B) – Only use this for recovering or shield break punishes.

Why It Works

Keeping Pichu grounded and trying to get your opponent offstage for gimps runs counter to most of the playstyles in the amiibo meta. While grounded opponents are nothing new, Pichu is tiny and many of his attacks are fast and make him hard to hit. He can fish for offstage spikes and gimps, and that effectively feeds him KOs that he otherwise wouldn’t have.

Well I think that’s about everything, thanks for listening to me!



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