The Beginner’s Guide to Training the Captain Falcon amiibo in Smash Ultimate

by Fammydamammy, Guest Contributor

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I’m fammydamammy, a fairly prominent amiibo trainer known for several amiibo, one of which being Captain Falcon. My Captain Falcon amiibo has four ranked vanilla amiibo tournament wins and several strong placements in vanilla amiibo tournaments. My Captain Falcon also did very well in one of the largest amiibo tournaments of all time, letting me win the whole thing with primarily Captain Falcon. The tournament in question was Amiibology hosted by Wumbo, which can be seen here.

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AI Issues

Captain Falcon overall has a very solid AI, with only one somewhat noteworthy issue, being that the AI has a tendency to use Up Special to recover in the wrong direction when right below the ledge, causing him to not snap to ledge, though he’ll usually make it back to the stage anyway, it leaves him vulnerable to ledge options like Little Mac’s Down Smash.

Overall Playstyle

The Captain Falcon amiibo in an amiibo vs amiibo setting should primarily focus on Falcon Kick (Down Special), and Forward Smash. Falcon Kick is an excellent move since it is a strong moving hitbox that amiibo often don’t see coming. Then there is Forward Smash, a very strong kill move to pair alongside Falcon Kick for damage building.

Getting Started

When training, I strongly recommend mirror matching your amiibo – in other words, playing against Captain Falcon as Captain Falcon with an identical moveset. Once you see your amiibo use the moves you want to use, turn the learn button off so that it will level up without changing the base amiibo data. Do note that the amiibo get a better AI as they level up and will not play poorly if you turned off learning at an early level.

If you intend to train your amiibo with spirits, it’s best to add spirits before any training happens because of how adding spirits will shuffle an amiibo’s move values, that being said, an even 2100/2100 is the most viable option for pretty much all amiibo. For support spirits, Super Armor, Great Autoheal, and Armor Knight are the best spirits in the game but are banned from the current tournament ruleset. A tournament legal spirit set I recommend for Captain Falcon is Physical Attack ↑, Foot Attack Up ↑, and Trade-Off Ability. I recommend these spirits because almost all of Captain Falcon’s moves are considered “Physical” and so are boosted by Physical Attack ↑, Foot Attack ↑ because most of his optimal moves to use are considered “Foot,” and Trade-Off Ability to boost his Attack, Defense, and Speed at the cost of starting with 30%, which Captain Falcon can take thanks to his above average weight.

How to Train the Captain Falcon amiibo in Smash Ultimate

Falcon Kick, Captain Falcon’s Down Special is going to be one of his main tools. It’s fairly quick, does great damage, can kill at higher percents, and is a moving hitbox, which is a good trait since amiibo don’t often see moving hitboxes coming. Use Down Special only at a distance to rack up damage.

Forward Smash is another one of his main tools in amiibo. Forward Smash is one of Captain Falcon’s best kill moves, having excellent kill power behind it. Make sure to use this move whenever the opponent is up close.

Up Smash is an amazing anti-air that is also great for hitting amiibo above on platforms. Make sure you teach the amiibo to use this move whenever the opponent is above them.

Down Smash is a good move to mix in every so often against opponents that are behind Captain Falcon, though prioritize his other smash attacks over Down Smash.

Down Tilt is relatively quick and sends at a rough angle for move characters to recover from, making it an excellent tool to use at ledge and every so often onstage. Try to use Down Tilt against the opponent at ledge whenever possible.

Forward Tilt is a decent get-off-me tool to mix in alongside Forward Smash against opponents that are up close, but prioritize Forward Smash way more heavily.

Down Air is a great move to use for landing, since it can lead into Up Smash and doesn’t have much landing lag, making it fairly safe.

Up Air and Back Air are also solid aerials to teach though they’re a bit more situational. Captain Falcon’s AI can juggle with Up Air pretty well, though the Captain Falcon amiibo should primarily stay grounded so only juggle with it every so often. Back Air is a good move to land with, though Down Air is preferred, so also mix it in lightly alongside Down Air.

Captain Falcon’s Grabs and Raptor Boost (Side Special) are niche tools that are good but not required. Captain Falcon has great pre-programmed follow-ups from Raptor Boost, like Knee, Up Air, Back Air, and Up Special, though it is vulernable to being shielded. If you do decide to teach this move use it very occasionally at a distance, but still heavily prioritize Falcon Kick at a distance. For Captain Falcon’s grabs, he also has some decent pre-progammed combos from it, but they give roughly the same reward as Forward Smash, if not less, so they shouldn’t be a priority at all, just sprinkled in very lightly throughout training.

Why It Works

Moving hitboxes are usually very good in amiibo vs amiibo, since AI opponents struggle to see them coming, with Captain Falcon’s Falcon Kick being one of the most notable moves with this trait in amiibo. Paired alongside Captain Falcon’s high weight and strong killpower, Captain Falcon is considered a high tier on competitive amiibo tier lists.

How to push the Captain Falcon amiibo even further – Theorycrafting

Captain Falcon doesn’t have very many noteworthy flaws in amiibo. He’s got everything to do well, a strong moving hitbox, great kill moves, above average weight, and a good AI. One of his main weaknesses is a mediocre recovery, though Captain Falcon often doesn’t have much trouble getting back to the stage anyway. He mainly struggles against opponents that can keep out of the way of Falcon Kick spam, like Dr. Mario and Kirby, but the matchups definitely aren’t unwinnable, so it is possible for Captain Falcon to go up further on the amiibo tier list.

That about wraps up my Captain Falcon amiibo guide, Thanks for reading and good luck training!


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