How to get the cheapest amiibo on Amazon

This is much in line with Doing amiibo on a Dime, but Amazon has a few specific tricks to use if you can’t find that cheap amiibo anywhere else – especially the last one on this list.

Before you begin, remember that amiibo characters are sometimes interchangeable. If you’re looking for a Smash Bros series Mario amiibo, perhaps the newer (and more common) Super Mario Odyssey series Wedding Mario will be cheaper and function the same way. Do a bit of research about the effects that each amiibo has in each game you want to use them for.

  1. Honey

If you’re not using Honey when you do any sort of online shopping… use Honey. It’s a browser extension that automatically applies coupon codes to everything you buy, and I’ve found that for most of the things I buy online there’s one or two small discounts it gives me. I don’t shop online a lot, but when I do, I make sure to have Honey enabled.

2. Prime, or Free Shipping

When you buy something from Amazon, you usually have the option to buy it with Free Shipping. This option usually takes 3-5 days (it says 5-8 on the website most of the time, but I rarely get it later than 5 days). Of course, if you already have Amazon Prime, this isn’t an issue for you.

3. Buying Used

Amiibo figures are tough, and Amazon’s return policies are lax. You can usually find a used amiibo for about 20% less than the normal cost – and if it’s noticeably damaged, just return it and try another one. Most people who have amiibo are collectors, so you won’t find many damaged amiibo anyway.

4. Carting it and Waiting

Typically if you place an item in your cart but procrastinate on buying it, Amazon will get a bit sweaty. In order to ensure they make that sale, they’ll send you a follow-up email telling you the item is still in your cart, and oh wouldn’t you know it, it just went on sale (but only for you). I can sometimes shave 10-15% off an item’s price by waiting a few days.


I promised you a highly effective method for getting amiibo for cheap on Amazon, and this is it. Amazon Warehouse is a hidden Amazon-run seller that sells returned and used goods. Their stock of amiibo is hit-or-miss, but when it hits, it really hits. You can also find just about anything else on here as well: I found Breath of the Wild for $33. Always check with Amazon Warehouse before you buy something.


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