Amiibo Hospital update!

A while back I introduced the ability to donate to the Amiibo Doctor outlet – don’t worry, I’m not buying a yacht with the money. As I explained in this video, I can cover the expenses of the Amiibo Doctor website, but not much else. I asked for donations, and in return the benefactors would have access to Amiibo Hospital, the exclusive Discord server. Thanks to their generous donations, I have a few updates to share with you!

The first update is the introduction of a proper webcam. Previously all my videos have been filmed with the built-in webcam on the laptop computer that I do all my Amiibo Doctor work (and schoolwork) on. I’ve managed to scrape up enough cash from the donations to pay for a 1080p webcam, which you can see in action in some of the most recent videos on the Amiibo Doctor Youtube channel. It doesn’t seem like much, but it’s a major step up for the production value of the videos.

The second update is that the site is paid for through the end of 2021. I managed to catch WordPress at a good time – they were heavily discounting their website plans during the COVID-19 recession. I had been waiting for something like that to happen, so I paid for the $48/yr website plan through the end of 2021 at a bit of a discount. I’m a really frugal guy, especially when it comes to donated money.

The third and inarguably most important update is the purchase of a proper capture card. I paid a bit out of pocket myself for this one, but that’s okay – I’ve had a financially lucky month.

This capture card is the El Gato HD 60 S+++ & Knuckles, or something like that. It’s the fancy one. The expensive, high quality one. Whatever it’s called, that’s the one I got.

I want to do a few videos with this capture card right off the bat. First, I’d like to do Joker and Hero amiibo guide videos. They’ve been out for about a month now, so we’ve got plenty of credible people for them. Truth be told, I haven’t seen anyone else producing good amiibo training videos on Youtube, so I think I should fill that role.

Anyway, I’d like to thank every donator who’s helped support the Amiibo Doctor outlet! We’ve depleted our donations chest, but that’s okay- the El Gato was the absolute last thing I ever thought we’d get our hands on. Going forward, I’m not really sure what we’ll use donation funds on next. That’s okay, though – we’ve improved our production value on the Youtube channel and paid for the website, so we should focus on building these outlets now.

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