The Complete Solution for Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards

by Doc – Owner, Founder, Never Has to Buy Amiibo Cards Again and Could Not Be Happier For It

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The biggest interest in amiibo has always been Animal Crossing amiibo cards, and it’s not hard to see why – half of all amiibo ever made are an Animal Crossing amiibo card, and they’re usable in the two most recent Animal Crossing games. As an Animal Crossing and amiibo fan myself, I’m always interested in easy ways to use amiibo without having to actually buy dozens of card packs just to get a card for Lucky.

This is your solution to amiibo cards, now and forever. Meet the AmiiPad controller.


Using the AmiiPad Controller

The AmiiPad controller is basically an amiibo Powersaves, but vastly easier to use. It’s very simple: you look up the controller combination for the specific amiibo you want to scan in, make sure the LED light (T and -) and secondary red light (T and +) are in the right color/number, and hold the right button while pressing the T button. No need to mess with bin files, or plugging in a Powersaves cord, or having to carefully slide out your Joy-Con from the dock without disconnecting it and ruining your livestream. You just use the same controller with Animal Crossing that you always did, and it just works. It’s so easy to use it feels like an Apple product.

I actually used mine this morning to poke around with New Horizons. I’ve been scanning in my “dreamies” (a word I despise) to get the villagers that I want in my town, and I realized I haven’t tried the special NPC cards like Blathers and Rover. All I had to do was go to, specifically the amiibo card list, and look up what controller combination gets me Rover. I set the LED light to green, put the red lights in the correct lineup, and held the Left button on the Dpad while pressing T on the controller.

Never mind that Nintendo hasn’t included functionality for Rover’s amiibo card yet. When do we get Rover, Nintendo?

I’ve talked about it a bit before, but I really can’t recommend this controller enough. I’ve had to mess with all kinds of amiibo tech for years at this point, and there’s nothing better than the AmiiPad out there. In almost every situation I can think of, it’s a superior alternative to the other tech.

If you’re in the market for amiibo cards, consider getting the AmiiPad/AmiiJoy controller (the manufacturer calls it by different names occasionally). You’ll never need to buy amiibo again if you stay on top of the updates, and it’s a great controller in its own right.


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