Whatever Happened to NFC Bank? – Two Theories w/Evidence

If you’re in need of bin files, I have an often-checked tracking page for where to find amiibo bin files.

We have an update!

Up until a few months ago, nfc-bank.com was the single hub for 100% legitimately obtained and completely legal amiibo bin files. It was often used by amiibo trainers who had… misplaced their physical figures and thus needed to use digital backups.

But recently, it disappeared without any warning or reason. So what the hell happened to NFC Bank?

Two Theories

I have two mutually-inclusive theories for NFC Bank’s fate. The first theory is that they were sued out of existence by Nintendo. Nintendo is ludicrously protective of their intellectual property, often to the detriment of fans, so it’s not far-fetched to believe that a site hosting downloads for 100% completely fine and a-okay amiibo file downloads would be targeted.

There’s not much evidence for this beyond simple intuition and Nintendo’s track record. In fact, according to an email conversation I had with NFC Bank prior to the admin’s disappearance, Nintendo actually never complained about their bin file hosting (the conversation was specifically on the Joker and Hero bin files), only using certain pictures and logos on the website. I don’t 100% believe it, but this is what he told me.

I didn’t include the rest of the email, as it’s a private conversation, and I didn’t have his permission to share.

My second theory is much larger.

After NFC Bank’s shutdown, I posted a video about it. One of the comments told me this:

It’s pretty clear that the domain was allowed to lapse. This is where it gets weird.

If you search for “NFC Bank” now, the only thing that comes up besides my video and a reddit thread is a bank in the country of Cameroon, in Africa.

It could be that the NFC Bank admin decided that he needed an exit strategy, so he let the domain lapse and possibly sold it to the African NFC Bank. Alternatively, the African Bank may have nothing to do with it, and the admin just up and decided to leave, and that’s why the domain was allowed to lapse.

We won’t know for sure until the Admin himself decides to show up again and explain, which may never happen.

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