How to use an iPhone to get amiibo bin files – Explained Simply, No Jailbreak

This research is conducted courtesy of, the 24/7 amiibo fighting livestream on Twitch, and the SUAL Discord server. This method is a viable alternative to Tagmo.

This is the original publication (June 24, 2020) of this method – any other website that posts this method has plagiarized this post. If you see a similar webpage with this method, please send an email to with a link to the webpage and screenshots of the plagiarized material. Appropriate action will be taken.

This page is in the process of being updated to introduce Amii. We are still working on incorporating Amii into its own guide.

You will need:

  • This app, on Apple Store, called NFC Tools
  • An email address
  • A computer, or non-Apple cell phone that can handle .txt files
  • An iPhone that can run the NFC Tools app and has Apple Pay/NFC compatibility (typically works from iPhone 7/iOS 13 on up)

Please follow the screenshots and button press instructions. The button presses will be circled in light blue, and captions will be provided when necessary.

As more trainers make use of this app, we will have more troubleshooting options here! If you’re encountering an issue, try rebooting your phone. That’s solved most problems.

At this point, place the amiibo figure or tag you wish to make a backup of on the NFC touchpoint on your iPhone. It’s the same place you’d use Apple Pay, if anyone actually used Apple Pay.
For some reason, it’s not very helpful with the file names. Don’t get confused with what you’re scanning!

At this point, you’ll need to copy the entire text of the “Copy” option, down to the exact character. Don’t make a mistake anywhere, or this next part will screw up.

Once you’ve copied and pasted it, this is where it gets hard to follow. Bear with me. You’re going to paste the entirety of it into an email address, and email it to yourself.

Then, you’re going to log into a computer, log into that email address and open a Notepad file (or an equivalent, whatever can make a .txt file). Copy and paste, without missing a single character, the contents of the email into the file, and save it. Make sure the file name is something you’ll be able to recognize – I recommend having the character name, your trainer handle and the date you trained it in the name of the file.

If you did everything correctly, you won’t have missed a single character from the original copy-and-paste of the NFC Tools output.

Now we have to turn the .txt file into an actual .bin file to be used in tournaments. Go to You’ll see something like this (you can be logged into Twitch, it’s for an unrelated purpose):

From there, press “Choose file”, and select the .txt file you just copied and pasted. Press submit. The browser will automatically download the completed .bin file to your computer, and now you have the .bin file of your amiibo!