The BEST Amiibo Card Holder for your Animal Crossing amiibo cards

by Doc, Owner, Founder, 12-Step Amiiboholics Anonymous Leader

You probably have collected a lot of New Horizons amiibo cards. I stopped playing New Horizons in April 2020, and I’m still picking up a few amiibo cards here and there in case I ever come back to the game. (I love Animal Crossing, I’m just waiting for New Horizons to get more content). A lot of Etsy creators also make their amiibo cards to be similar dimensions as the official ones, so your collection is likely growing and growing.

The issue that I’ve always had when collecting amiibo, both amiibo figures and cards, is storage. Amiibo cards are easy to lose and bend, and it’s important to keep them intact in case you give them to a relative or fellow collector. I’ve poked through a few amiibo card storage methods and done some research myself, and it turns out there’s some surprisingly good and cheap ways to keep your amiibo cards safe.

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1. Animal Crossing amiibo card-specific holders

Unfortunately, at the time of this writing there’s actually nothing specifically designed for the dimensions of Animal Crossing amiibo cards. However, please leave a comment below when you can find an Amazon listing, and we’ll host it here!

And if you happen to be a manufacturer of card holders, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to specifically target Animal Crossing amiibo cards… hint hint.

2. Pokemon card holders

Fortunately, amiibo cards and Pokemon cards require pretty similar holders to keep them safe, and there’s a lot of Pokemon card holders on the market. There’s such a large market for Pokemon card holders that you can get picky about how many cards you want to protect in one holder. This listing, for example, can hold 648 cards, and comes with cute Charizard art on the front. However, it’s a bit pricy, and you probably don’t have 648 amiibo cards.

A personal friend of mine uses this product. It’s significantly cheaper, equally as stylish, and holds 400 cards. 400 seems to be the number that most card holders settle with, so you should be able to fit New Horizons’ Series 1-4 perfectly fine.

3. Miscellaneous card holders

Business cards have been around forever, and we can take advantage of that. Business card holders are very easy to find, and I consulted some of my coworkers to see what they use for their cards. These were their suggestions:

160 cards held, multiple colors

96 cards held, RFID compatible, multiple colors. This was the most highly-recommended product.

160 cards held, specifically designed for trading card sizes, comes in light blue and light pink

If you find other card holders that you think work well, let us know in the comments!


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  1. Hi there, I was hoping you had an idea how I can store my 5x3cm ambiio cards for ACNH. They aren’t standard mini’s and aren’t the big ones. HELP PLEASE


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