The 2021 Smash Bros Amiibo Tier List – Obsessed

This is the first amiibo tier list in January 2021’s Amiibo Tier List week. The main amiibo tier list can be found here.

Obsessed informs us of his amiibo tier list opinions!

The first controversial pick I made in the tier list was K Rool in S tier. Kangoni actually thinks the same as me. Belly armor saves K Rool too much and is very rare to see break in amiibo, on top of being a heavyweight and hitting like a truck.

Next PT in B+. I believe Pokémon trainer is a pretty well rounded character and is more than just charizard, even though zard is a big part of PT’s success. Squirtle’s side b is a decent damage racker and his up smash is pretty good. Ivysaur’s projectile is great at racking up damage with a killer up smash to follow that up. I don’t think I have to say much about charizard. PT has been at the top of B for a while and honestly dominates the tier, along with mii sword fighter. If I could change one thing about the tier list I would put Mii Swordfighter right next to PT in B+. Both of these amiibo are dominating B tier tournaments right now and have proven to be competitive in B+, A, and even an S tier tournament.

Finally, Peach and Daisy in C+. Kangoni has done a really good job with PG | Daisy and I believe those results prove that peach and Daisy can compete at a higher tier level. I think if more people trained Peasy they would be a little higher, but for now, to me, they belong in C+ tier.


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