RIP Placiibo – Long Live NFC Tools

by Doc – Owner, Founder, Thank God For Tagmo

I was livestreaming a Q&A session on the Amiibo Doctor Youtube channel today and a user asked me to help with his Placiibo bin file problem. Apparently, it won’t recognize his amiibo bin files anymore, no matter where he gets them from. I thought that was kinda weird – the bin files we link to on this site all function according to my readers, and they’ve never had a problem with them.

So I did some research on-stream and walked him through his problem, aaaand… I think Placiibo might not work with amiibo anymore. I went to the Placiibo subreddit, /r/placiibo, which has historically been the fount of information on Placiibo.

What to Use Instead of Placiibo

The subreddit is archived and shut down, and one of the last posts is from a user who is having the exact same problem with their bin files. I’m no detective, but considering there’s basically no new information with the app and that now two people are reporting the issue, I’m willing to bet that Placiibo no longer works with amiibo bin files.

If you’re having difficulty making your own amiibo cards with the iPhone, we have a guide on ol’ reliable, NFC Tools, located here. It’ll cost you $2, but it’s pretty functional and I’m told the guide is still correct. If the UIs change, that’s okay, because it’s a pretty straightforward app anyway.


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