Did a Super Monkey Ball amiibo just leak?

by Doc – Owner, Founder, Mmm, monke

I was feeling like making mistakes today, so I logged into reddit to see if anyone had commented on something I’d posted a few days ago. No dice.

However, I did see a post on my front page about a supposed leak from 4chan about a Super Monkey Ball amiibo. This is the image in question:

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The Super Monkey Ball amiibo

This is the full size version of the image, directly taken from the 4chan thread. The thread no longer exists.

I’ll admit, this is a pretty clean render. If it’s real, it looks amazing, and if it’s not, my hat goes off to the person who created it. It’s very convincing.

I don’t fully believe it, for two reasons. First, it doesn’t look like product photography – typically official amiibo renders use a composite, made from a photograph of the amiibo with a digital mockup of the backdrop. See Terry:

This render clearly isn’t like that.

In addition, take a look at the segment of the base immediately below the ball. In the box render, it’s orange. In the close-up render, it’s silver. If this were a physical amiibo, those colors would be the same. You could make the argument that it’s still in-production, and that’s entirely possible. However, wouldn’t there be more errors like that?

It’s most likely not a real leak, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless, and it reminds us that we should have amiibo for more games.


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  1. By looking at the images on this topic the AiAi Amiibo is fake The was no Amiibo mentioned by Nintendo for Monkey ball what so ever so 4chan are spreading lies.

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