How to get RARE amiibo for MSRP! (from a veteran amiibo collector!)

Amiibo collectors have always been plagued with shortages, scarcity and inordinately high prices. Veteran collectors have long complained that Nintendo intentionally understocks the market to maintain artificially high demand, and that they can’t get their hands on the desired amiibo. But they don’t know the secret to getting these amiibo for dirt cheap.

You have to know where to find the amiibo. There’s a handful of retailers that I’ve always found to be reliable, both online and offline – but you’ve got to remember that, despite the marketing, the online stores usually have a separate stock from the brick-and-mortar stores. That’s why their prices are more concrete – massive sellouts in one store doesn’t change the price in the company’s other store.

This is not a paid advertisement – believe me, I could sure use a paid advertisement.

These are the online stores:

  • Nintendo’s official American store, but shipping is slow, and it only stocks the newest few amiibo waves. Check Nintendo first.
  •, but they usually get pre-orders shipped out about two days after release. Their stock is patchy, but when they have something it’s always MSRP.
  • sometimes even stocks amiibo for less than MSRP, and they probably have locations close to you to pickup at. However, their stock is erratic, and online ordering rarely works the first time. If you’re on a budget, start at Gamestop.
  • Play-Asia typically doesn’t have amiibo at MSRP, but when they do… they really do. Shipping is a killer here because most of their stock are imports, but if you keep an eye on their stock for a while, you’ll grab the rare amiibo. They usually have a few of every amiibo, but those are often double the price and no better than Amazon.

These are the brick-and-mortar stores to check:

  • Gamestop wins again. Most people shop for amiibo at Walmart and Target, so Gamestop’s stock is often left alone. While corporate doesn’t replenish stock very much unless a new amiibo is out, that’s actually a benefit – they also aren’t moving around the in-demand amiibo to other stores. Get to know your Gamestop managers.
  • Best Buy also has a tremendous record with amiibo. Unlike the other companies, Best Buy does a great job keeping amiibo in stock for long periods of time, and they’re usually tucked away in the video games section at the back of the store. Best Buy isn’t usually trafficked by grown-ass adults, so the children’s toys like amiibo are on-shelf for a while.

Ultimately, the supply of amiibo will eventually run out, and we’ll have to resort to secondhand sellers who charge more than MSRP. Until then, good luck fellow collectors.

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