Amiibart Test Wave 2 Announcement!

Amiibart Test Wave 2 is upon us! Since this may be the final wave, I’ve made sure to make it an amazing one, with 10 pieces of standard Amiibart and 9 Art Series pieces, for a total of 19 amazing pieces of Amiibart, spanning from early to mid October 2020!

I’m also pleased to announce that we have 5 partners this wave, not including the official Amiibart server! Shoutout to the USAC and Splicecord servers, and Amiibots Twitch channel for allowing us to continue partnering with them, as well as our new partner servers Amiibo Hospital and Super Smash Gals! Though they aren’t a partner in this wave, shoutout to FuryWings Twitch stream as well!

*Note- to keep things free, only commons will be released in Amiibo Hospital

Now that that’s all out of the way, the part you’re probably here for- reveals of the time, location, and actual identity of the Amiibart. Well… actually, no.

First, what is Amiibart? Amiibart is a virtual Super Smash Brothers/amiibo themed collectible. It was designed for the amiibo community to have a free, cool new thing to do that isn’t training, tournaments, or just chatting, as well as to get people into more amiibo servers and to support amiibo streamers. Your average Amiibart image is quite simple- the image, then a small bit denoting the sequence (where was it in the order made) and number made, and a sticker that shows where it was exclusive to. Each one has a certain number produced, and once a unique piece is sent to the recipient it is deleted from every other place it is.

So, what keeps it collectible? I do my best on my end, and I don’t have copies of any that I’ve sent out. I keep the original (AP) in case I need it for reference or to do a variant later, but the rest- from the AP 0, the Sequence One, and all the way through the end of the Sequence- go to collectors. You are the one keeping it collectible. As soon as you share it or screenshot and share it, that piece is no longer collectible- and I’ll be barring you from collecting in the future. Hopefully, there’ll be a website at some point where you log in, put in a code, and receive a corresponding piece into your virtual “collection”, but until then, there are a couple annoyances to deal with, and there won’t be any ways to trade.

So, how do you receive these? It’s actually really simple. At a predetermined time and place, I drop a code into server or Twitch stream chat. The first (number made) people to DM me the code via Discord receive a randomly selected Sequence of that piece. For drops in the official server, there’ll be a channel to put the code into to make things easier on you guys.

Okay, I’m following so far, but what’s with the acronyms? Well, AP stands for Artist Proof- think of it as a prototype, or a template I make the rest with. AP 0s are sort of a “trial run” of that piece. LE stands for Limited Edition- here, it’s used to refer to the number produced. Simple enough, right?

If you still have questions or you have pointful feedback (eg, don’t just tell me this is bad, tell me why it’s bad), feel free to ask/tell me! This project is based highly on feedback from collectors, so I welcome it.

One last thing before we get to the juicy bit you’ve probably been reading for- there were 5 Amiibart pieces in Test Wave One (USAC exclusive “Jigglybuff”, Splicecord exclusive “Community WFT”, Amiibots exclusive “Moon Rover”, FuryWings exclusive “I’m Flying!”, and the “common” piece entitled “Beach Day”). If you were one of the two people who snagged them all, pat yourself on the back.

Now for the juicy bit! Here are the 19 pieces of Amiibart, piece counts, sample images (essentially, rough-cut versions of the official piece with no stickers- I’m quite literally working on them right up until they get dropped), release dates, times, and places, and all that fun stuff! From left to right, up to down, all of the non-Con regular pieces:

First off, a common. Commons will be available through USAC, Splicecord, Super Smash Gals, the official server, and potentially Amiibo Hospital. This one is called “Hello, me! Meet the real me!” and will be LE 8. The Amiibart directly to its right is a Chase. With Chases, one of a certain number of Amiibart will be different and special. The common to Chase ratio of this one is 2:1, or one in three being a Chase. The Chase is LE 4, entitled “You coming?”. You will be able to claim up to 2 of this piece to increase your chances at a Chase, through different servers. It will be available starting October 2cd, 2020 at 1:00 PM EST.

The left one, second row is entitled “Hey Dad!”, and it is a common, LE 8. Available starting the same time as “Hello, me! Meet the real me!”

The right one, second row is entitled “Look behind you”. It is a LE 6 USAC exclusive that will be available October 2cd, 2020 at 1:30 PM EST.

The left one on the last row is also a LE 6 USAC exclusive called “Great Ape Super”, which will be available starting October 4th, 2020. The time will be announced that day in USAC to encourage you guys to join USAC before then.

The final Amiibart is entitled “I knight thee, Smash Gal”. It is limited to just four pieces, exclusive to the Super Smash Gals server, so make sure to join! It will be released on October 4th, 2020.

Next up, something that isn’t actually an official Amiibart piece, but more of a template.

This is the base for all nine of the Art Series Amiibart. They are all variants of this base, but they’re all colored and some of them have some cool, special things going on.

In order, Pink Art Series Mewtwo (ASM) is a LE 3 Splicecord exclusive, time of release TBD. The time will be determined and posted in Splicecord after Amiibart Con Fall.

Red ASM is LE 4 and will only be available at the con. Orange is LE 6 and will be available both at the con and shared with USAC. Yellow is a LE 5 Amiibots exclusive. Green is LE 5 and exclusive to Splicecord, time of release TBD, just like Pink.

Blue is an Amiibots exclusive, LE 5. Time of release is in the same state as Pink and Green. Purple is limited to 4, and will be released as a surprise drop a little before Amiibart Con Fall. It’s exclusive to the official Amiibart server, so make sure to join.

Shimmer Mewtwo is a Con Only piece, limited to 4 pieces.

Gold Mewtwo is limited to 2 pieces. Heartless, I know. It will go to the top 2 people who gather the most of the Art Series Mewtwos. Tiebreaker will be decided by a random number generator.

Wait? What are these Amiibart Con Fall things, and how do I get them?

Well, it’s pretty simple in all honesty. Amiibart Con Fall will be held the weekend of October 10th-11th, 2020. There are 3 Art Series Mewtwos and four regular Amiibart pieces exclusive to it or shared with a partner. The exact time will be posted closer to release in those partner servers and the official, so make sure to join all of them (official, Super Smash Gals, USAC, and Splicecord) beforehand. Some (Con only) pieces will only be available through the official server. Details will be shared there. Others are “shared” with a partner- there will be 2 different stickers possible on them, with one being the shared (available in the partner server) and the other, more limited one being for the batch released in the official server. You may not claim both. Details will be shared via the partner servers. All Con Only exclusives will have the Con sticker.

Shared with Amiibots, “I. Am. A. Mii bot.” is limited to 6 pieces.

Shared with Splicecord, “Can’t see me” is limited to 5 pieces.

Shared with USAC, Orange Mewtwo is LE 6. “Flavor overload”, shared with the same, is LE 6 and likely to be the most popular piece.

Lastly, the 3 Con Only pieces. Red Mewtwo is LE 4, Shimmer Mewtwo is LE 4 as well. 

“I’ll catch you!” is LE 5.

So, make sure to join the official Amiibart Discord server ( ). Please also fill out this poll ( )

Man, that was long. 1500 words, almost. Guess it’s a pretty epic wave.


Never stop collecting.



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