My Hands-On With the Amiibo Flask

By Doc

This is a “sponsored” review, but it’s only considered “sponsored” because I was sent the Flask for free from the developer. I would have paid full price for it because it’s just that cool… so long as I had the money. All opinions are my own, as always.

For a few years now, I’ve had an Amazon Affiliates link to a really cool Switch Pro Controller at the top of each page, called the AmiiPad/AmiiJoy. The AmiiPad was the coolest piece of amiibo technology out there – you simply input a button combination, and the controller emulates that amiibo into your game, no hassle.

The AmiiPad has been dethroned. The Amiibo Flask is where it’s at now.

The Amiibo Flask, Explained

The Amiibo Flask is effectively a Bluetooth-compatible rectangle with an NFC output tag on the back. The Flask uses Bluetooth to connect to your PC, Mac or cell phone (notably, it’s compatible with the rapidly-improving Tagmo), and it receives amiibo bin files that you upload through the website or relevant app. The Flask can then emulate that bin file directly to the Joy-Con on your Switch, removing the need for a Powersaves for Amiibo entirely. Users simply select the desired amiibo using the intuitive button layout, hold the scan pad up to the Joy-Con like a normal amiibo, and it works!

The Flask might as well be an Apple product in every way but brand: everything about it just works. It turns on with a small switch on the top. It charges, and charges quickly, with an included USB-C cord. The screen wastes no space and is immediately clear about which amiibo is ready, and the buttons each have an obvious function. The left and right buttons scroll between the amiibo in the list, and the middle button acts as a “Select”. You pick up the Flask and know exactly how to use it – so long as you’ve already set it up.

See what I mean?

I’ve gone on two dates since first laying my eyes on that sexy Amiibo Doctor logo two weeks ago. I’m not saying these events are connected, but they’re probably connected.

The Future of Amiibo Flask

I’m in email communication with the developer, and he intends to eventually have a more consistent supply of the Flask available online. You can bet your bottom dollar that if the Flask ever goes on Amazon, it’s replacing the AmiiPad link up there. It deserves it.

The dev also plans to produce a Flask app for iOS and Android, which ought to make it much easier to pair and use. Personally, I connected mine to my PC after discovering my inability to figure out the newest version of Tagmo, so I’m looking forward to something that’s easier to set up. I recommend pairing the Flask with whatever device you have most of your amiibo bin files on, at least until the app comes out.

I really believe that the Amiibo Flask has the most potential of any amiibo device I’ve ever seen. Granted, the Powersaves for Amiibo can still do everything you’d need out of an amiibo emulator, but it’s clunky and inconsistent and the Powertags sometimes break without warning. While the Amiibo Flask can’t read and save amiibo bin files, it does everything else, and does it much, much faster. I’m told it can even write amiibo to blank NTAG chips, though I have no need for that because I can emulate amiibo with the Flask.

The Flask has potential because as Amiibo Doctor grows and expands into the more mature Smash community, I hope to take the Amiibo Flask with me. I think that if this gizmo could read and save amiibo bin files, it would be the ideal tool for an in-person amiibo tournament that runs alongside human tournaments. TOs could simply scan in and save each contestant’s amiibo figure, and then run the tournament themselves while the contestants participate in the human Smash tournament.

How to Buy Amiibo Flask

The Amiibo Flask isn’t currently available for sale, but when it does go up for sale it’ll be at BluupLabs. I’ve never seen supplies of the Flask last longer than 24 hours, so if you see it available, buy it immediately. You’ll be glad you did.



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