The Overview Trailer: what we learned about amiibo

Don’t you hate it when you write up a post and it’s obsolete the second it goes up?

We learned a few things about amiibo in Ultimate from the overview trailer, but it’s mostly just fuel for speculation. Let’s focus on two screenshots in particular.


There are five options on this screen: Level Up, Smash, Customize, Put Away and Display Status. We don’t have much information as to what these are.

  • Smash is self-explanatory, as this will probably launch you straight into battle with your amiibo
  • We get a look at the Level Up menu a few seconds later
  • Customize probably has to do with your amiibo’s skin, possible custom moves, spirits and other changeable options
  • Put Away may save that amiibo onto your device. At first glance you would think it would cancel out of the menu, but there’s another option for that in the top-left corner
  • Display Status likely just shows what your amiibo’s stats are

There’s a lot we don’t know about this screen. For reference, here’s the same screen from Smash 4:


Notice that in Ultimate, there’s no Feed Equipment or Specials option. If Feed Equipment has been rolled into the Level Up button, then Specials could be moved under the Customize menu. However, to my knowledge we haven’t seen evidence that custom moves will be in, save for the Mii Fighters. Thus, we won’t know about these options until release day.


Check out those numbers, man. It’s safe to assume they don’t denote the same power as they did in Smash 4.

We have Skill Select and Inherit here. Inheriting a Spirit and feeding your amiibo equipment appear to function the same way, with one notable exception. In Smash 4, feeding an amiibo an Attack bonus would lower their Speed stat. However, we see that Peach gains in both her Attack and Defense stats when being “fed” the spirit.

Note that Skill Select button down there. We see that Peach is now level 3, so the button is grayed out. We also see that Peach has the sword icon above her stats, indicating she is an Attack-type amiibo. It’s possible that the Skill Select button allows trainers to choose what kind of amiibo they will train, so long as the amiibo is level 1. (If we can edit Ultimate-formatted amiibo the same way as Smash 4-formatted amiibo, this could be very interesting…)

All this aside, we still don’t know what the yellow “Normal” text means. I’m completely out of ideas.

I’ve been waiting for more amiibo information for quite a while! I had given up hope on ever getting more until release, and I must say I’m glad we had some.


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