Olimar, the secret deity

I wasn’t originally going to post this information. I wanted to wait until the first Spirits tournament and crush all the competition, but instead I’m doing the right thing and getting this out there now. I also don’t know if this is exclusive to Olimar.

There’s some sort of bug or oversight with Olimar when he has high Attack stats. His Pikmin, especially his red Pikmin, are absolute KO machines. Test it our yourself. Create a Spirits team with a decently powerful Attack spirit (three or four star will do just fine, I used Geno) and put it on Olimar. Go into a regular battle and hit your opponent with a Pikmin attack. Typically it will one-hit KO them, even if they have max Defense (which I believe can be obtained with the Absolutely Safe Capsule spirit, from MOTHER 3). It shouldn’t ever take more than a few hits to completely destroy an opponent.

I haven’t yet trained Olimar and have no idea how he handles, but if we go forward with Spirits tournaments and don’t do something about this then it’s Smash 4 Little Mac all over again, times ten.

(That said, I recommend using this in the Spirit Board if you are having a hard time.)


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