Copied and pasted from Twitter to save us all some time



Folks, I think I found a counter for Link. I’ve been hearing about how great Link is, and I hadn’t yet trained my own. I finished, set him up against Mii Swordfighter (they have about the same battle experience, they’re both fresh out of level 50) and Swordfighter went 70/30 against Link. That’s… that’s really something.

As I said in the thread, these are my amiibo alone. My Link isn’t representative of every Link amiibo, nor is my Mii Swordfighter representative of every other Mii Swordfighter amiibo. I have my own style of training and my own unconscious biases that affects my training, so this could just be me.

Edit: It seems this was a phenomenon. I entered my Mii Swordfighter in a tournament where he got stomped 0-2 by two separate Links. We’re gonna have to keep looking, I suppose.



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