What is it with this blog getting an update that’s then immediately irrelevant within a few hours?


Nintendo has performed what is arguably the most non-Nintendo action since Sonic joined the Olympic Games. They gave us patch notes. The above infographic details who got buffed, but in order to see specifically how they’re buffed or nerfed or changed in general, you’ll have to go here.

As of yet we have no information on if amiibo AI has changed, but it seems unlikely. In Smash 4, only patch 1.1.3 ever altered amiibo AI in any way, and it seemed to actually make certain ones worse. (Palutena lost the ability to learn Counter through any means necessary: I had one that could use it, but he was never able to after 1.1.3, and it was damn near impossible to teach him even before the patch). We’ll probably see the same AI for all of Ultimate’s existence, unless they go in and change the CPU AI.

Piranha Plant has also released, and his amiibo will be out in about two weeks. I’m not receiving it until the 19th, so I may have to make an extra post with my observations gathered while training him.


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