Announcing ASMR #3: Subvert!

Yes, you read that correctly. It’s about darn time.

If my schedule is as I’m predicting, I will have a few days coming up to conduct another ASMR tournament. As per our usual arrangements, we’ll be doing one! The replays will go up on Youtube as well, the same way that ASMR #1 and #2 worked.

As usual, all files should be submitted to The tournament should begin next Tuesday, March 12, and submissions are due the 10th. Ideally, replays will begin to populate the Amiibo Doctor Youtube channel over the few days afterwards. They will also have their own ASMR #3 playlist, which will be linked to on this blog.

ASMR #3 will have a few differences from previous tournaments. First, we’re working with a 32-man cap. Each trainer may submit up to two vanilla amiibo, provided they are level 50. The general ruleset for ASMR tournaments can be found here. Aside from the large population, ASMR #3 will have something else new to amiibo tournaments…


Link and Bowser are banned.

I don’t have anything against Link and Bowser, but it’s clear that they are most likely the best vanilla amiibo at this point. Sure, they have some tough opponents: Link has a hard time against Bowser, and Bowser has a hard time against Ridley. But time and time again, these two amiibo win the tournament. There’s no question these guys sit at the top of the meta.

But what sits below? We’re not sure. To find out, I want to subvert the top of the metagame, and give the runner-ups a chance. That’s the whole point of this tournament.

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