4.0 in review – Online Tournaments

While most of 4.0 will be addressed on the Amiibo Doctor Youtube Channel, there’s one small mention I’d like to discuss that isn’t about Hero.

Sorry for the obvious screenshot

There’s an in-game feature called the Tourney. It functions as a built-in bracket system where one player plays against the next, and the winner moves on, and so on. It’s not a very complex system, but in Ultimate something was added to Tourney: the ability to scan in amiibo and have them fight in a bracket. I actually did a Tourney tournament a few weeks ago, just for kicks.

While Tourneys aren’t a very flexible way of organizing a tournament, as they are limited to best-of- win setups, (which seem to have an unusual effect on amiibo AI, as opposed to simply starting a new independent match each time) they are still in the game. And, apparently, they’re being added to online modes as well. What could this mean?

Well, if you watched my video from yesterday, you’ll know that Nintendo announced a new amiibo tournament. An official amiibo tournament. We didn’t really know how this was going to work, but now it looks like online tournaments might be how they make it happen. That’s really cool, right? We could host tournaments online, without the need for Powersaves, which means there’s no financial barrier to joining the scene! We’ve been praying for this for years!

…but there’s a catch, because this is Nintendo.

We don’t get to decide the rules. We may be able to start our own tournaments, but by all appearances we can’t determine the ruleset. It’s instead dependent on what Nintendo has most recently changed it to. We’re also not sure that we can scan in amiibo to online tournaments, either. In the event that we can A. scan in our own amiibo and B. eventually choose our own rulesets, then this is the one thing we’ve always wanted.

Until we get both A and B, if we ever get A and B, we’re still stuck using Powersaves or arenas to conduct tournaments.


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