The hill I will die on

A Nintendo Direct just came out, and with it the reveal of Banjo-Kazooie! They’ll be available later today.

In the meantime, a slew of new Mii Fighter costumes have been released! Namely… Sans. From Undertale.

As you can see above, I called this way back when. And I’m sticking to it. Any Mii Gunner amiibo with the Sans costume will not be allowed to participate in Amiibo Doctor tournaments. It’s not that I hate Sans (I do), and it’s not that I hate the Undertale fanbase (I hate most of them for trashing on Mother), and it’s not even that I hate the fact that Nintendo gives Undertale more love than the Mother series (I do). It’s just that when you say something, you’ve got to stick to it.

I’ll probably stop enforcing it after a few months.


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