Some 8.0 Amiibo AI Updates

by various members of the community. Special thanks to the USAC Discord server for labbing out these changes.

General AI

AI seem to do more pivot back airs with certain moves!

The evasion of every AI has seemed to improve! I.E Mii gunner missiles and Alolan whip are dodged more often! This appears to be independent of the type of move, which wasn’t the case previously.

Every AI seems to use Jab attack more!

AI with a burial move seem to use more options to punish the burial: I.E. K rool down throw

Captain Falcon

Falcon now uses Raptor Boost out of Down throw

Falcon will now attempt to use a pivot Back Air out of Side B as a combo


Falco will now attempt to use pivot Back Air out of Down Air for a combo

Falco now seems to use more Neutral Air during combos: I.E Up tilt

Falco seems to punish options more with Neutral Special more


Bayonetta will now attempt to use the full amount of Side Bs and Up Bs during a combo allowing for more damage

Bayonetta can now finish all 3 hits of Forward Tilt, where previously she could only use forward tilt 1 and 2

Bayonettas recovery AI seems to have improved!


Isabelle now seems to use up air and down air more often!(edited)[6:55 PM]I will update this as new things are found

Meta Knight:


Down Throw > Drag Down Forward Air > Down Smash

Up Throw > Side B – Down Smash > Side B

General notes:

Uses Tornado to ledgeguard by going starting on ledge going slightly off then right back

Better side special usage, does not SD

Prioritizes grabbing ledge without using Up Special


General notes:

Seems to enjoy using aerials more

Monado can be more influenced based on your usage while training. More testing needed but currently successfully able to make Shulk use Buster first the majority of the time.

He also seems to use Arts less, before he would almost always have 1 active unless he was out of Buster, Smash, and Speed. Now he can spend long periods without using an art.

Still doesn’t use shield art ever.


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