Should Minecraft World be legal in the amiibo stagelist?

Unlike any other stage, Minecraft World actually consists of 6 different, randomly chosen stages – but the option exists to select which one comes up. So… should it be tournament legal, and should we legalize individual versions of the stage, or the whole shebang?

First, we shouldn’t consider the option to legalize some of the 6 stages and illegalize the other – TOs would have to memorize the button combinations for each variant, and that’s too much pressure on them. While a TO certainly could use the variants that they prefer, it’s a lot more reasonable to ust legalize or illegalize the whole thing.

Second, if one of the variants isn’t tournament legal, we should unlegalize it- after all, if you shouldn’t choose between variants, then you don’t want to end up with a nonlegal stage.

Given this… should Minecraft World be legal?

Well, definitely not the version with hazards – the breakable terrain alone invalidates the stage entirely, let alone the caves of life that’ll occur during the match. We can strike that sucker immediately.

But the hazardless version…? The hazardless version is remarkably clear of, well, hazards, and it doesn’t have anything that obstructs gameplay. In addition, while most forms aren’t symmetrical, that’s actually not a very big factor in amiibo – unlike human play, stages don’t have to be neutral starts because amiibo have no concept of neutral.

Legalizing hazardless Minecraft World does bring an interesting dimension to the stagelist – the stage and blastzones are very, very large, probably larger than Mementos, the other asymmetric stage. Despite this, the horizontal blastzones are not that far from the ledge, meaning that horizontal kills are still a viable option and that matches won’t be stretched out longer than they need to be.

The fact that some variants are functionally very large Omega stages, and that others are bastardized versions of Kalos with one platform here or one platform there or some kind of weird double-platform actually is a benefit here – it mimics other legal stages without being the same stage, bringing a lot of variety to the stagelist. If this stage were legal, you could effectively run an entire tournament only using the Minecraft World hazardless variations.

Bottom line, as far as I can tell Minecraft World should be legal. This is six legal stages in one, and despite its oddities I’d legalize it. For right now I’d give it a 70-point on the Amiibo Doctor’s Recommended Stagelist & Ruleset, but I can reasonably see it getting higher if no AI-breaking glitches are discovered.

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