Sheik amiibo can use Bouncing Fish!

In today’s Sheik training video, I learned that the Sheik amiibo can now use Bouncing Fish as of 9.0. That’s… nuts. And it may be the key to unlocking her fullest potential.

Sheik’s biggest problem is that she has almost no KO power and an incoherent moveset to use it with. She’s got some power in her Up and Down smashes, but otherwise it’s nonexistent.

However, now that Sheik can use Bouncing Fish, this gives her an incredibly advantageous move against her opponents. Bouncing Fish has two great attributes that make it her best move.

  1. It’s a KO move, probably her strongest hitbox
  2. It moves Sheik as well, which typically gives amiibo opponents a hard time

I think there’s a strong argument, given this discovery, that Sheik is no longer the lowest amiibo on the amiibo tier list. We’ll have to see if Bouncing Fish is even optimal and what the proper usage of it is, but this surely can shake her from the bottom.


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