Sephiroth Amiibo Predictions!

We JUST watched the Direct so I’m jotting down my notes while the update is downloading. These are my notes on the possible Sephiroth amiibo.

-Basically Belmonts as far as tilts and Forward Smash goes. I don’t expect Forward Smash will be great because it’s got sourspots, which hinders amiibo usually.

– He’s light, so he’ll be a glass cannon. I can see him being anti-meta like Zelda.

-His dash attack will grant tremendous horizontal prowess – not enough to beat the high tier powerhouses, but good.

-Up smash and Up air are obvious jugglers, and will make him a grounded powerhouse.

-Up special being a multihit makes for easy kills, if he can use it on the ground as an attack.

-Side special could be an AI corruption effect, in the same way that Mega Man’s side special sometimes forces shields and erratic behavior.

-Down special is probably useless unless it’s a reactive counter



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