10.0 Amiibo AI changes!

by Doc

This is what I think I’ve found thus far on the amiibo AI. This is a short list, but it’ll be covered in greater depth on the Youtube channel as more discoveries are made. Take note that all of this is my own, independent, day 1 (I’m writing this hours after the patch went live) discoveries that have yet to be verified by other trainers.

Let’s just say I ain’t happy about what I’ve found thus far.

Mega Man

-Appears to not use as much Up tilt. Protoman, my star Mega Man amiibo who was a pioneer for Mega Man, has a playstyle that revolves around aggressively using Up tilt. He uses it maybe 10% as often as he used to.

– Movement appears adjusted. Protoman rarely uses his “half-dash” that is the signature movement of my amiibo. Instead, he walks or runs directly into the opponent, as if he were a lower-level CPU. I believe this is an AI nerf, given how effective this movement is in competitive amiibo.

– He jabs roughly 2x as often. The 8.0 patch made amiibo jab a bit more, and 9.0 cemented that into most amiibo AI. Mega Man stayed somewhat untouched by these changes, but now it appears that his Up tilt behaviors have been mostly replaced with jab and Up smash.


– Rosalina amiibo appears to use Up smash a little bit more, with no other noticeable changes.

Captain Falcon

-Captain Falcon amiibo appears to be less willing to spam Falcon Kick. My Captain Falcon was trained exclusively with Falcon Kick and Down smash, and he’s removed about 30% of his Falcon Kicks and is switching them out with other approaches, most notably air-based ones.


-Gained the ability to aggressively try for Up air kills. That’s a good tihng.

-Appears to have lost the ability to follow Dash attack with Up tilt. That’s a bad thing. But we’re also not sure it’s been removed, because some people are reporting that it’s still in.

-Can use Down throw to Forward air and Forward smash, which was impossible before. Believe me, I tried.

In short, I think Mega Man and Captain Falcon got AI nerfs, Fox got a sidegrade, and Rosalina got… poked at. At least Mewtwo is better off. I’ll do more labbing as we continue on.

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