Nintendo Shop Amiibo: Why?

by Doc – Owner, Founder, Why Isn’t Amiibo In Toy Story

Nintendo’s website is one of the funniest parts of their company. It’s a clean, great-looking website that serves many essential functions, and does so quite well. It’s also totally irrelevant to most Nintendo fans.

I was reminded of its existence today, and learned something new. Nintendo actually sells amiibo from their website. I was not aware of this information, and when I first heard that we could finally buy an uninterrupted supply of amiibo from Big N itself, I rushed to find it.

This was their entire stock.


Someone, somewhere is maintaining this official amiibo store on the amiibo website just so that a single Cat Mario amiibo can be listed on the shelf for MSRP. Poor Steve in Accounting has to keep a spot in his filing cabinet open just to account for this webpage. Every month he has to pull out the pale green binder labeled “Nintendo Shop amiibo”, flip to page 13, and write “0” in the revenue category.

Remember kids, something that sounds like a good idea isn’t always a good idea.


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