Nintendo Switch OLEDs are Back in Stock at Amazon!

by Doc – Owner, Founder, Mastermind Behind Supply Chain Issues

Last week I checked Google to see if Switch OLEDs were at their MSRP. I was doing a follow-up to a post from last month where I discovered that the secondhand amiibo market is crashing. The cheapest OLED I could find was $450, everything included, and the tablet itself seemed to be going for $299 on its own. Quite the sticker price.

Nintendo Switch OLED Amazon link

I’d recommend the OLED now if you’re ever going to get it, because with rapidly rising inflation, supply chain issues and Nintendo’s penchant for scarcity, you’re probably going to run dry of another chance.

By the way, that’s an Amazon Affiliate link, and we get a cut from sales made using that link.


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