Yep, the Secondary Amiibo Market Has Kinda Crashed and Kinda Bounced

by Doc – Owner, Founder, Buying Amiibo Like Crazy

Six weeks ago I noticed that the secondary amiibo market was having a bit of a drop in prices – and by a bit, I mean the single largest decrease in amiibo value that I’ve seen during its existence, hands down. I took advantage of the situation to link you folks to some particularly-underpriced amiibo on eBay.

My belief at the time was that this was temporary, a mere aftershock of the usual market-twisting that happens at Christmastime when both demand and supply tend to spike dramatically. That belief was incorrect, and it seems amiibo isn’t the only hobby having this problem. Other “bubble” markets (markets that produce no actual value and are a subsection of entertainment mediums) like Pokemon TCG, Old School Runescape currency and even traditional baseball cards have all seen their byproducts crash in value over the last six months. I suppose it’s a miracle, then, that secondhand amiibo waited until after Christmas to dump off its value.

The Question

Problem is, only some amiibo have crashed. Two weeks ago I purchased a loose Bayonetta amiibo from my local game store for $25 – but the loose Adult Ocarina of Time Link is still $50 both in-store and on eBay. Bayonetta was a significantly rarer amiibo, and always will be thanks to a 2019 reprint of Ocarina of Time Link. But… why Bayonetta and not Link?

Further, many of the amiibo that I listed in the previous article have started to recover their prices, but only slightly – Daisy is going for $17 + shipping, $4 more than she was a month ago when I bought her. Silver Mario is at $20 + shipping, $5 more than when I wrote the first article. There’s a little bit of a bounce going on, but only for the amiibo that previously crashed. Amiibo that hadn’t crashed before are holding firm on their prices.

What’s going on with secondhand amiibo? I don’t understand it. Market fluctuations usually have some trend to them, but I can’t spot a trend besides Player 2 Corrin being hundreds of dollars, as always.



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