Post-ASMR #3 Ultimate Amiibo Tier List

I’ve been keeping an eye on the vanilla amiibo meta since the release of Ultumate, but most of my information has come from ASMR tournaments. I’ve chosen to wait on judging an amiibo until I can see them in action, which has resulted in some unusual predictions that eventually were correct. I refer specifically to my prediction that Mii Gunner was a top-tier amiibo, which I made after hosting ASMR #2. As is the usual pattern, I made the prediction, was made fun of for it, and then a few weeks later it became common knowledge that Mii Gunner was top-tier. Life is strange.

Instead of building a tier list solely off of ASMR tournament results, I’ve instead decided to branch out my information to relevant vanilla tournament placings. In the creation of this tier list, I’ve searched through these tournament brackets:

Not a surprise fight

Amiibrawl 27

Amiibrawl 28

Amiibrawl 29

Amiibo Action 3


ASMR #2: Gladiator

ASMR #3: Subvert

Champions of Solaris 3

The criteria for determining which vanilla tournaments were acceptable was pretty simple:

  1. It must be a vanilla tournament
  2. The stagelist must be at least reasonable, it doesn’t necessarily have to mimic the ASMR ruleset
  3. The ruleset must be reasonable, so no Smash Balls or Stage Morphs, or other unusual additions. You may notice that Amiibrawl has the Healing Field item on. I chose to allow those bracket results because I watched those tournaments, and the item itself had little impact on the matches. Healing Field is mostly an ineffective item.
  4. Character bans were irrelevant to the criteria due to Olimar’s rocky startl
  5. I had to be able to find the bracket for it.

I did all of that so that I could gather information on the placings of amiibo that have not been entered in ASMR yet. In creating this tier list, I also asked other amiibo trainers, most of whom are better than I am, their opinions on characters who hadn’t been entered often. I took these opinions into account, but ultimately weighed tournament results as more important than simple opinion.

This is the tier list that I believe is the most accurate at this point in time. It’s not in order necessarily, only ordered by tier.


You’ll probably notice that some amiibo are at the bottom when they should be listed in a specific tier. Frankly, I don’t know how these amiibo perform: I haven’t seen them in action, they had minimal or no representation in the tournaments I listed above, but the general community’s opinion is that these amiibo are at least useful in some regard. Many people believe Yoshi, for example, is a top-tier amiibo. I’m not saying that they’re wrong, I’m saying that I don’t have any data to confirm or deny that opinion.

Anyway, unless something major changes in the metagame such as new amiibo coming out (which we’ll revisit in about a month), an effective training method, or just a rising star occurs, this will be the tier list that I leave up for a while. We’ve got to have something to start from.




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