ASMR #4: War

I’ve been out of the amiibo metagame for a while, and it showed. As I’ve said before, most of my information on the state of the amiibo meta comes from running tournaments, and wouldn’t you know it? I have time to run another amiibo tournament.

I’ve had the idea for ASMR #4 since I started ASMR #3, so it’ll be nice to finally get a chance to run this tournament. The premise for this tournament is pretty unique: it’s a war. Kinda.


Our understanding of the amiibo vanilla metagame has evolved significantly, and the release of a few new amiibo have also changed our view of the top tiers, namely Piranha Plant and King K. Rool. In order to straighten out what are most likely the top tiers, I’ve organized what I remember to be top tier amiibo into their respective tiers, according to a more modern understanding of the tier list. (I’ll be the first one to mention that this isn’t according to the previous tier list, and that I’m kinda winging it when it comes to being in either S or S+ tier).

The gimmick of ASMR #4 is War. This is a war between the S+ and S tier amiibo, to see who’s really on top. To this end, only the eight amiibo above can be submitted to the tournament. Each trainer must submit one S+ tier, one S tier, or one of each. I don’t want this to get too lopsided, so I’ll be submitting one of my own amiibo if the tiers aren’t balanced in number.

As usual, submit your maximum of two vanilla amiibo to Submissions are due by Tuesday morning, and the ruleset will follow the Ultimate’s Stagelist & Ruleset guidelines, under the hazardless stage ruleset with the condition that Midgar will be legal to give Battlefield a double chance. Replays will most likely be posted on the Amiibo Doctor Youtube channel, however if they are going to be delayed or not posted at all then I will post an update on them.

Happy bloodshed!


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