In case I haven’t said it enough…


I’m conducting ASMR #4 right now, and I noticed that we didn’t have a lot of entrants. Specifically, we were missing Mii Gunner and Olimar, and had only 10 entrants total so I put an Olimar and Link in.

As you can see, he was utterly destroyed. It was actually embarrassing to watch: he was three-stocked both times. I was curious why, and then I realized that this Olimar was a brain transplanted Olimar that I had forgotten about, and that I was thinking about the wrong Olimar figure. Whoops.

Brain transplants are generally not useful in competitive situations, at least not more useful than a traditionally-trained amiibo. While they’re very fun and interesting, and there’s a possibility that good training could translate well to another character, we haven’t come across a good combination yet. I do wonder, though: what if we transplanted into Echoes? I’ve tried it here and there, and the result is better than most brain transplants, but it’s still not viable for competition. Oh well.

Anyway, ASMR #4 replays will be posted on the Amiibo Doctor Youtube channel as usual. I’ll let you know once they are.



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