ASMR #4 Recap

Trust me, the replays are coming. I’ve got a few other things I’m working on at the moment, but I will get to replays in the near future.

I’ve been thinking about how to approach this topic for a while now, and I was hoping ASMR #4 could clarify what I was considering doing. I’ve been of the opinion for a while now that Bowser is so overwhelmingly dominant that he ought to be banned from tournaments, that the only reason we don’t see more of Bowser is because of an unspoken gentleman’s rule in the amiibo community that keeps people from entering Bowser. The theory about the gentleman’s rule seems to be the consensus: most people have trained a Bowser that they know can win, but they choose not to enter.

Having looked at the results from ASMR #4 and previous tournaments, I’ve instead come to a different conclusion. Bowser’s not the problem…


We need to ban Blank.

Just kidding. Both Blank and Smitty’s amiibo performed very well, and RedBull lived up to my expectations. I’ve heard a lot about that amiibo but I wait to see them in action before I come to a conclusion, and I gotta say what I heard was correct.

We’ve also got some pretty definitive data on the Link vs. Piranha Plant matchup, as we ran through that one three times in a row. It seems to be about 65/35 Link’s favor, as far as I can tell. I hadn’t yet seen a truly solid Piranha Plant until this tournament, so it was good to see some of the potential of the character be brought to light. It’s also possible that Blank’s Link is simply much better than other Links, as he did go on to win the tournament.

To reuse this image for the third time, here are our Grand Finalists!

My largest disappointment (excluding my Olimar) was the seeding, actually: I wanted to see how Lucas would perform, and RedBull ended up stomping out both Lucases right off the bat. Even now I have yet to see a Lucas perform well in tournament, but I keep hearing that he’s a top-notch amiibo. Could someone do me a favor and submit him to my next tournament?

In other news, I was interviewed by FullSync, an indie video game site! It was a good interview, and I enjoyed it. You can read it here, and I recommend you do:
FullSync interview



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