New amiibo have been announced!


Previously, we’ve had Simon Belmont and Snake amiibo announced, so it looks like this completes the batch! Aside from Piranha Plant, no DLC amiibo have yet been announced, so we still have Joker and Banjo-Kazooie and The Hero of Dragon Quest to look forward to, plus the two remaining DLC fighters! (Geno and Steve, Geno and Steve!)


Currently Pichu and Pokemon Trainer amiibo are up for preorder at a lot of places, and Best Buy tells me they come out July 26. We have a long time to wait before any new introductions to the amiibo metagame, but we also have a whole summer to enjoy what we’ve got! Let’s get together and deepen our understanding of the meta!

Oh, and Link’s Awakening gets an amiibo too.


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