Announcing ASMR #5: Somebody to Love!

Considering this is a hobby built around teaching $13 plastic toys to kill each other, I think it’s safe to say a lot of us could really use somebody to love. At least, I certainly could. To that end, the theme of ASMR #5 is one of the best songs of all time: Somebody to Love, by Queen.

This will be a pretty normal vanilla tournament: it follows the typical ASMR ruleset and stagelist, located here. Here’s the rundown:

  • Vanilla
  • 3 amiibo per trainer
  • Single elimination
  • Best of 3, but Grand Finals are Best of 5
  • No character bans
  • Send amiibo to
  • Bins due June 18, I will be checking the morning of June 19th. Final tournament date will be announced from there, depending on life events.

It’s all standard stuff. We’ve been through this before.


The only difference between this tournament and a normal one is that I ask that you send in the amiibo you love most. Not necessarily your best ones or your worst ones, but the amiibo that you love most. Maybe you have a special attachment to your Ryu because it was the last gift your great-uncle gave you before the KGB got him. Perhaps your Mii Brawler is special because Hulk Hogan appeared to you in a dream and told you to buy him, and since you got him he’s been very special to you. It could be as simple as Squirtle being your starter on your very first Pokemon game, so you send in Pokemon Trainer. Just submit the 3 amiibo you love the most.

ASMR change

ASMR #5 will be the last ASMR tournament held, kinda. Most things will remain the same, but I’m going to be changing the name soon. The format will also change somewhat, and I outlined part of the new format in the Wuhu Island legalization post. There’s a bit more to come.

Bottom line, I still consider it the same tournament, I’m just changing the format a little bit and the name will change as well so as to differentiate between the old format and the new.


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