The Community grows new limbs

Over the last few months since the introduction of amiibo to online arenas, a number of small-size amiibo communities have sprung up, and then withered away. The addition of amiibo arenas still represents an exciting new frontier for the amiibo scene. Its name is…


SUAL’s Youtube channel

Residing in the SUAL Discord server, the League mostly manifests itself through its Sunday amiibo tournaments. SUAL alternates between Spirits and Vanilla tournaments every week, and only uses arenas to facilitate tournaments. There are no Powersaves in SUAL.

The SUAL community is largely independent and doesn’t seem to have much overlap with the rest of the scene, save for a few people with legs in both baskets. While the gap has been decreasing since the creation of SUAL, the two scenes remain largely independent from each other and don’t coordinate any advertisements or other conjunctive activities.


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