Toning it down

For several months now, almost a year, I’ve been operating the Amiibo Doctor Youtube channel and the Amiibo Doctor blog separately. Each entity has had its own content and I’ve had a different focus for each one.

Due to some differing interests, I’m slowing down the rate of posts on the Amiibo Doctor blog. The Youtube channel will still be updated and contain much of the same original content that we’ve always had: in fact, right now I’m working on one of my biggest videos yet. We’ll still put out small updates for whenever a new amiibo comes out, or if another major update to the amiibo scene occurs, but otherwise all new Amiibo Doctor content will be on the Amiibo Doctor Youtube channel.

Given that this is a free site, I’m not going to be taking it down: it’s still a useful resource for new amiibo trainers, and it took me long enough to get up the search results that I don’t want to throw it all away. I can’t see a situation in which I remove the Amiibo Doctor blog, so you can rest easy.

If another amiibo trainer would like to write guest posts, that option is always open. You know how to contact me.

Thank you for two years of writing!

Amiibo Doctor


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