Ready Player Two

During the days of Smash 4, seven DLC characters were released – Mewtwo, Roy, Ryu, Lucas, Cloud, Corrin and Bayonetta. Each of these characters, as with the rest of the Smash 4 cast, eventually received their own amiibo, albeit long after their release. While the first four DLC characters received their amiibo rather quickly (within 6-9 months of their North American release), the last three are a completely different story.

Cloud, Corrin and Bayonetta took somewhere around a year and a half after their character release for their amiibo to hit shelves. It’s not hard to see why the delay was so long: Nintendo wasn’t creating three amiibo. They were creating six.


Not the usual outfit, is it? I would’ve gone with pinstripes myself.

Each of the final three DLC fighters actually had two costumes, and Nintendo created an amiibo for each one. The “default” skin was referred to as Player 1, and the “alternate” skin was Player 2. The image above is Cloud’s “Player 2” skin.

It’s important to know this because Nintendo didn’t make Player 2 costumes for all of the Smash characters, only their DLC releases. Little Mac, who had 16 costumes in Ultimate between his human and wire-frame appearances, Wii Fit Trainer, who had an alternate male costume, and Villager, who had 8 individual costumes, never received their own Player 2 amiibo. We can assume, then, that Nintendo only makes Player 2 amiibo for DLC characters.

Well, Ultimate’s got two DLC characters already released that have a bevy of alternate skins. At the time of this writing, Fighter #5 has not been announced, nor has anyone beyond the Fighters Pass, but what we’re already dealing with will probably be enough. Between Joker, who has his Player 1 skin, and his schoolboy outfit, and Hero, who has four options for skins, we’re looking at possibly six amiibo just for those two DLC characters.

I think we may have a long time to wait for DLC amiibo if Nintendo goes down this path. Joker was the first DLC character (I don’t count Piranha Plant, as he was likely intended to be in at launch), and Hero was the second, so we may have to wait a long time for Nintendo to produce all of the amiibo and variants. Considering that no amiibo have been announced after the January 17th release of Dark Samus and Richter, it certainly seems likely.

If these predictions are all correct, which is an “if” worth italicizing, then we won’t be seeing DLC amiibo for a long time. This will have a drawback, but also benefits. In the short run, the amiibo scene will be missing the typical surges in interest every time a new amiibo is released. My most viewed videos on Youtube are pre-release footage of upcoming amiibo. That same drawback will be a benefit, because the later the amiibo are released, the longer we can prolong interest in the scene and development of the amiibo metagame itself.

Personally, I hope that we get Player 2 variants for DLC characters, and I hope that we get more DLC characters even over the next few years. If each new character has an amiibo, then every new character means a new surge of interest. And a new surge of interest means that more people can learn about my favorite hobby.


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