A New Tier List and the Reasons Behind it

Everything in this post is a copy-and-paste from what Spike sent me.

A New Tier List and the Reasons Behind It


My tier list, found at www.smashtierlist.com/da6be1b719c778f75b01fe7791f1982ff0cfc60c0dbb4922e9a784cf63583164/ is my personal opinion, which doesn’t match up to the official tier list for three reasons:

  1. The official one is based on results, where as mine considers results, but also sets a lot of stock by how the amiibo is capable of performing. In the right trainer’s hands, a low tiered amiibo can do fairly well. For example, BRIGHTEYES, a Kirby, was a huge force, and that bumped Kirby from C to A tier. You could argue that Kirby should’ve been A to begin with, and BRIGHTEYES was just lucky, blah blah blah. Okay. Ultimate is definitely not a solved vanilla meta yet, and tiers are going to get shuffled around before the final tier list drops. The point is, based only on results, some amiibo are terrible. If you actually see them in action, that’s when you’re forced to reconsider.
  2. Amiibots. I’ve spent (probably too much) time watching Amiibots (shoutout to Untitled1991 for creating it) which has allowed me to see a lot of amiibo in action. There are somewhere over 100 amiibo in Amiibots, and that’s over 100 different playstyles. Amiibots was still fledgeling when the last official tier list came out, so the data gathered from Amiibots was nonexistent.
  3. I don’t have a ton of wins to my name, and I’m not an especially good trainer. My amiibo are simply decent or indecent examples of the character. I know that you might not take this tier list seriously. That’s fine. I don’t expect you to. If you read this, stick your nose in the air, and scream “Other people are far better!” out the window, fine. Also, that’s a bad idea, but if you want to do it, fine. Some people are, in fact, a better source than I am. This is just a different look at the same metagame. So without further ado, sit back, relax, and enjoy. We’re going from F to S.

Oh, and just as a disclaimer: these are all based off of what I have seen of a character, and some stuff here may be a bit sparse because of that. Likewise, I may be “wrong” about how some amiibo should be trained in your eyes, so bear with me. I haven’t trained every character personally, so some stuff is based only on observation. 

#1: Bowser

Wait, didn’t I just say that we’re starting at the bottom? Well, yes, but beforehand, let’s get this big bruiser out of the way. Bowser is essentially the perfect amiibo. He hits hard, his AI is good, with no glaring flaws, and his movekit is diverse enough. He doesn’t have many counter characters, besides Incineroar and Ridley, and he flat-out destroys a lot of lighter characters. For this reason, he’s banned.

#73: Bayonetta

Starting at the bottom of F, Bayonetta is just bad. If you really want to train one, you need to teach it to semi-combo its smash attacks, you really shouldn’t use Witch Time or Bullet Arts, and the character isn’t very good. Toss in some subpar AI and the fact that Bayonetta took a huge nerf from Sm4sh, and you’ve got a bottom-of-the-pile character. I know that there’s a decent Bayonetta in Amiibots, and the character can be decent. However, that takes a lot of high-quality training, for subpar results.

#72: Ken

If Ken had decent AI, he’d probably jump up to B. However, his AI is absolutely terrible. He doesn’t seem to realize how slow a lot of his attacks are, which leads to him taking damage. When a character requires their up special to be taught as a kill move, you know that something’s wrong. In this case, inability to figure smash attacks out. He can be good, as evidenced by F E E T, but you’re better off nabbing a Ryu instead.

#71 and #70: Peach and Daisy

These two are functionally identical, but they aren’t very good. Aside from AI that doesn’t want to play well, they don’t deal especially high damage. As S tiers in human play, the same thing that makes them so good there destroys them in amiibo- their aerials are the best set of options they have. Oh, and don’t use side special on them too often- it’s a good option for them to have, but they don’t want to use it to recover and can pick up the habit of spamming it.

#69: Ice Climbers

Yes, we made our way into the D tier via the funny number. Hilarious. Just like these two. What happened in their relationship? Popo doesn’t care about Nana and actually views her as an enemy. They only have one saving grace: versatility. Back when I ran locals, there was one person who took a Top 8 slot with the duo nearly every time. These locals had up to 128 amiibo, so that was a surprise. Why? Well, aside from that the majority of my local trainers were able to mess up Bowser, a useful skill in amiibo os the ability to predict the metagame and train for it. The Ice Climbers have a diverse range of options, from spamming side special, to using down special followed by side smash, to spamming Ice Shot like It’s the End of the World As We Know It, and I Feel Fine. Oh, and they hadn’t hit R.E.M. sleep. The versatility gives them some hope, and I have no doubt that a trainer will eventually crack them.

#68: Diddy Kong

Not many trainers actually train Diddy Kong, and there isn’t much data to go on. What I have seen, though, is an amiibo that just can’t figure out what his moveset is. He doesn’t hit hard, and for a character that as a human would likely be played in a way that involved bouncing around the screen, doing hit and run, this dude enjoys protracted fights. Please, Nintendo, fix this. His moves are weak and he follows the opposite playstyle as he should. There are simply better options.

#67: Pichu

I know that most people think that Pichu is decent. Bottom of decent, but okay. The issue is, in a meta dominated by hard hitting giants, a little guy damaging himself is a bad idea. Archie is probably the best Pichu I’ve seen, but even he could be dealt with by one nice smash attack.

#66: Mr Game and Watch

Just like Diddy, this guy doesn’t have much representation. He seems to have a little potential, but he’s light, not especially hard hitting, and not smart. Sorry, but until he has representation, he’s likely to stay at the bottom.

#65: Jigglypuff

The Puff needs a Buff. Without any especially good KO moves, the amiibo is saved by an uncanny ability to juggle, but when Rest doesn’t always land and is easily punished with a smash attack, Rollout leads to SDs, and the aerials become up smash fodder, Puff just can’t survive long enough to rack up damage.

#64: Zero Suit Samus

There is a lot of potential here, and a lot of flaws. Most importantly, reliance on the whip attacks. ZSS Au is the best example I’ve seen, but also shows how the character struggles to close stocks, much less close stocks early.

#63: Isabelle

Remember in the first month where Isabelle appeared to be high tier? LOL. Now we can see that the poodle has nothing special, and Villager outclasses her by a decent margin. She has the same issues as basically everyone in the D tier: lack of finishers, inability to rack up damage, and, most importantly, insignificant weight.

#62: Fox

Fox isn’t bad. He just falls into D tier because he doesn’t have good matchup spread. Looking at Kyuubi and Firefox, he can juggle, rack damage, and close stocks. However, he’s reckless sometimes, can’t close stocks, has subpar ranged options, and gets whacked quite easily.

#61: Inkling

Inkling is a character that I can’t say much about. She has difficulty managing her Ink bar, and nothing that sets her apart. For a ground-based character, the AI is rather jumpy, and for an air character, her aerials aren’t good.

#60: Meta Knight

Here, we segue into the C- tier. Most of the characters here are suffering from lack of KO power, but Meta Knight throws a complex set of moves, difficult training, and occasionally flying in the wrong direction with his recovery into the mix. Someone will make him good, but right now, I don’t think that someone is around.

#59: Bowser Jr.

This is actually a good amiibo. However, the fact that he can’t use cannonballs or his side special well remove the factors that would make him good against other amiibo, who have little issue with his short-range whacks.

#58: Falco

Falco relies on not getting hit in amiibo play. He doesn’t have too many good, damaging moves, so his options are limited. Yes, he’s good. He just isn’t THAT good.

#57: Mii Brawler

He doesn’t have the options that he needs. There’s no glaring flaw here that I know of, but he is overall nothing special.

#56: Duck Hunt

Duck Hunt is actually very good. He suffers from an inability to zone, despite zoning being the character’s main strength. However, he uses his moves smartly, just lacking the ability to use his short rangers right.

#55: Simon Belmont

He has strong projectiles and he’s good at using them. He angles the axe and Holy Water better than expected, and he has a strong set of ranged smash attacks. However, if he goes off-stage, he’s likely dead.

#54: Wario

Sorry, Fammy. Wario doesn’t produce results. I’m not sure exactly why. There aren’t any huge weaknesses in his kit, and his AI is okay. The issue might be his inability to use Waft well, but I’m puzzled over why he seems to do so badly.

#53: Samus

Samus can’t use her special moves, other than side and up special, very well. She also has a lack of air game that contributes to her lack of placements and weak play.

#52: ROB

ROB is strong, but just like Wario, he lacks that something that lets him win consistently. Again, I’m puzzled, especially after Armored Sage put out his ROB.

#51: Rosalina and Luma

They simply took a huge nerf from Sm4sh. They don’t really have flaws, aside from not dealing enough damage to be good, either in amiibo or in human play.

#50: Sheik

I think that Sheik is far better then people suspect, especially since side smash moves her forward. Avoiding Neutral B is imperative, but Sheik can be taught to juggle and zone, far better then any other amiibo. However, the old joke about her doing 5% in 5 minutes- well, lack of damage is holding her back.

#49: Robin

Robin is an excellent character that’s weak. If she dealt a little more damage, even 1%, she’d be excellent. Looking at Cucco Master’s Robin, there is potential here. She uses her moves well, but like Sheik, her damage got the shaft.

#48: Mega Man

Mega Man has some very good reps floating around. The issue with him is that he lacks in the melee department, though not as much as in Sm4sh. His up smash is good at catching opponents, and his aerials are okay. He simply suffers from overreliance on projectiles, and can’t do as much when an opponent is in his face. 

#47: Corrin 

I haven’t seen a Corrin that has consistency yet. Corrin is a character that I fully expect to rise a tier, but the issue is that the Corrins so far rely too much on the stun from their guns. Corrin has issues using her toolkit in tandem, and the mix between smash attacker and projectile-using zoner didn’t mesh with the AI very well in this case.

#46: Pac-Man

Pac-Man is simply outclassed by many other characters who can beat him out in the air or on the ground. His projectile options are too weak for the way that the AI uses them, and he has an odd habit of using up his jumps before recovering, even if recovery would save him without jumps.

#45: Young Link

No, he can’t tether recover perfectly. However, if he has no idea that it’s possible, he can still be a very good amiibo. Unlike characters such as ZSS, regular Samus, and the Belmonts, his tether isn’t an integral part of his toolkit. All in all, his ability to bomb himself into second up specials more than handles his recovery. However, Young Link has achieved subpar results and lacks the representation to be called good.

#44: Villager

This would be a very good amiibo if his smash attacks had a bit more oomph to them, either in power or in range. He uses most of his tools in a very good and decisive way. He just lacks KO power.

#43: Ryu

He is way better than Ken, due to his AI not being stupid. However, his projectile is not good, and his melee toolkit isn’t enough to make up for it. He has an issue closing gaps against ranged amiibo, and even when he does, his damage output doesn’t get him into an advantageous position when against decent melee options.

#42: Pokemon Trainer

If it knew how to avoid Squirtle, this would be an A tier, perhaps even higher. The thing is, switching at random times isn’t cool. When active, Squirtle gets Ko’ed rather easily, doesn’t deal enough damage, and plays like an idiot. Ivysaur and Charizard are a rather good combo, though, since Ivysaur is a good damage racker and Charizard has a lot of good finishers.

#41: Mewtwo

If you get Tricky on Mewtwo, you did something very good. Mewtwo’s main strength is in using a controlling toolkit to prevent other amiibo from actually doing much. Just like Mario’s, Mewtwo’s side special can be used as a disruptive melee attack to prevent smash attacks and to rack up damage on a helpless opponent. On top of that, up throw can be taught- and it’s possible to teach Mewtwo how to catch aerial opponents with up smash. Just as a cherry on top, his air game isn’t bad at all. The only thing holding him back is subpar AI.

#40: Roy

Roy is a good character, but he is missing a thing to make him a great character. He lacks a way to use his playstyle to the best of his advantage, and the AI plays like it’s faster than it really is. He may hit harder than Marth or Lucina, but he’s slower. That’s what holds him back.

#39: Luigi

Now, we segue into C+ tier. Luigi is an interesting case. He has a lot of moves, especially Green Missile, that could cause amiibo issue, but he’s too simplified an amiibo. Luigi amiibo tend to use either aerials or dash attack to build up damage, which is fine. The issue is that as soon as the opponent escapes, Luigi finds himself on the receiving end of more damage then he wants to sustain.

#38: Pikachu

Pikachu is a character that needs to be fast. If not, you’re not going to be likely to have success. The main strength of the amiibo lies in its constant ability to move and use hit-and-run. Spiking with dair off-stage isn’t a bad idea either.

#37: Toon Link

Toon Link doesn’t have much representation, but he plays a lot like, well, Link. Except his bomb use is smarter (if not better) and his damage output is lower, with less range on his smashes. Basically, Link with less efficient options, and that’s why he’s a few tiers lower.

#36: Sonic

Holly is the perfect Sonic- moves constantly, avoids getting hit, and uses hit-and-run. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough Sonic representation for him to be showcased as a good amiibo, and he’s not able to seal stocks quite as often as most amiibo. He does rack damage well, but that lack of stock sealing drops him down here. The line between heavy-hitting Sonic and hit-and-run Sonic is just too defined.

#35: Snake

Man, this dude is rewarding if you train him well. The only huge AI flaws are actually not huge- and one is actually beneficial. The beneficial one is that Snake devoutly uses C4 to blast himself into a second recovery, and this will kill him at higher percentages. The other one, that using side smash will cause him to start overcharging every smash attack, can be worked around by the simple means of not charging it. Actually, don’t overcharge any of his smash attacks, or he will pick up the habit. The AI only requires a few demonstrations to start doing so and get itself killed. He’d be a higher tier if he knew how to charge his smash attacks better. If the opponent is offstage, he needs to be Nikita’ing, but beware- there’s a little oval around him where he refuses to keep using the missile, and he tends to avoid angling it down. 

#34: Mario

His Cape might actually be his most useful move. Spinning around opponents while they charge smash attacks, then hitting THEM with a side smash, is a decent strategy that the character picks up easily. On the downside, he also uses F.L.U.D.D. way too often, and he uses up special as an attack. Yup, those are major flaws that, alongside his jumpiness, make him worse than he could’ve been.

#33: Donkey Kong

I know he’s higher on the official, but as a fighter that gets absolutely wrecked by a lot of the high tiers, I can’t put him too high. Basically, any fighter with decent melee and projectile options has a good matchup against him. He’s a really good amiibo, but his one-sided play puts him down. Relying only on solid short-range options takes away from his effectiveness, a problem shared by characters like Cloud and Roy.

#32: Greninja

Greninja might not have achieved much, but he hasn’t really been entered. Between his side special and solid air approaches, he can get to close combat, where he truly shines. His raw smash attacks are good, by the ledge he can use shurikens to gimp, and both up air and dair can be used to deal damage without being hit. Overall, Greninja is a solid amiibo with bad matchups against heavies.

#31: Yoshi

In the early days of Ultimate, he seemed like a top tier. Now, he’s good, but outclassed by a lot of commonly entered amiibo, such as Link and Ridley. His entire kit, especially air moves, is good, but the fact that he can be outdamaged and that he doesn’t possess a recovery knocks him down a peg.  

#30: Wii Fit Trainer

Wii Fit has an enormously variable toolkit, with options for a lot of situations. The character has range moves, okay air moves, melee options, and a way to heal- even if other amiibo aren’t likely to let it happen. The reason Wii Fit isn’t top tier is the lack of KO power.

#29: Captain Falcon

Captain Falcon is a flashy character, and the amiibo reflects that. Unfortunately, his slower attacks leave him easily punishable, and amiibo are willing to take advantage of that. Plus, he suffers from having to land hits consistently, because his slow playstyle makes huge comebacks far less likely.

#28: Cloud

Cloud looks good on paper. Unfortunately, the AI can’t use Limit moves well. Often, it gets wasted on a projectile that amiibo can dodge easily, or a recovery. Without the ability to use his Limit Charge effectively, Limit is more of a hindrance than a help. Better to focus on his strong, multi-hit smash attacks and his overall strong melee style.

#27: Lucario

In a meta where speed is key, getting stronger as you take damage is a huge asset. Strong side special and neutral special help out, and strong melee options combined with a good AI put Lucario in a good place.

#26: Chrom

Chrom has the ultimate comeback against offstage amiibo, with a chance to take stocks at low percents. Unfortunately, this is at the cost of one of his stocks. Thankfully, he has strong options using his sword to rack up damage, and can deal enough to KO opponents before his comeback becomes needed.

#25: Ike

See Chrom. Ike just has less results overall. I placed him a tier higher because Ike amiibo tend to use side special as a better approach, though that’s probably coincidental.

#24: Palutena 

To be honest, I mostly have her this high due to Melanie. However, the character has two distinct options: melee and gimp. The less common gimp style isn’t as good when you have as many good amiibo in tourneys as the Powersaves tournaments do, but against badly trained amiibo (locals) it becomes an easy way to win. The way it works is by racking up damage via a few melee options, then throwing the opponent offstage and spamming Autoreticle until the opponent finally falls off the map. Palutena that use this style are prone to spamming Autoreticle on-stage as well, and when well-trained amiibo tend to recover low, Autoreticle is unlikely to be as useful. The melee style, as Melanie and LadyGaleem use, involves racking up damage with stuff like nair and fair, then smash attacking the opponent offstage and edgeguarding with Autoreticle or offstage dair. Either playstyle, stay away from side special. Amiibo don’t tend to understand where to use it.

#23: Wolf

Wolf is good, but prone to spamming neutral special. On the flip side, he also sometimes refuses to use it, and sometimes SD’s with side special. Use side special for recovery only, or it can become a spam move. His up smash and how he steps forward during side smash allow him to take stocks easily, and his impressive damage-racking ability only hightens his power. 

#22: Marth

At first, Marth seemed like trash, right? Well, he still isn’t good with his tippers, but he can be taught to use them. His Dancing Blade is still useful, and FSmash is what carries him. It’s both strong and easy for the amiibo to use. What’s not to like? Well, the difficulty of training, inability to play air game, etc- but he’s good, and FSmash is enough, even before you look at his good recovery, strong up and down smash, and general decent melee tools.

#21: Doctor Mario

This is just a jack of all trades, with a good ranged option. Essentially, he’s Mario without the AI flaws, and a tendency to time his smash attacks better.

#20: Mii Swordfighter

His Gale Strike, Chakram, and Power Thrust allow a melee character to play a zoning game, racking up damage while keeping the opponent at a distance. He deserves a high tier spot, simply because he deals a lot of damage while keeping the opponent away.

#19: Lucas

Welcome to the A- tier! Lucas is here, a little lower than Ness, because there’s only one real rep- Leaf PSI, and he’s worse than Ness’s real rep, Super NES. The thing with Lucas is that he doesn’t chain attacks as well as Ness. Ness can use a ‘get off me’ attack then chain up specials to rack damage before killing the landing opponent with up smash; Lucas has a more melee-based game that gets slightly destroyed by the likes of Link and King K Rool.

#18: Shulk

Since the Monado Arts are hardcoded, don’t use them. Shulk enjoys spam. His smash attacks having extra range is nice, even though they’re a bit slow. The excellent recovery at his disposal is nice, the damage racking followed by KO closers is equally so. Shulk just doesn’t have any flaws that keep him from being viable, and a kit that makes him more than.

#17: King Dedede

He’s a big guy with a good anti-air game that can gimp with an incredibly strong projectile. Not quite on King K Rool’s level, but King Dedede boasts both raw KO power and a projectile. He’s just strong, with options for nearly every part of the game except for offstage play, plus the fun of enormous hitboxes on his smash attacks. He’s just an all-around solid guy with an all-around solid AI, and that’s why he’s high tier.

#16: Lucina

A big part of why Lucina’s good is the edgeguarding ability. Pokes, the part at the end of Dancing Blade that edges down instead of forwards, and occasional dair spikes are all options. If the opponent recovers, they usually take enough damage that one of Lucina’s solid smash attacks deal with them. The solid smash attacks and Dancing Blade are damage-rackers, usually enough to knock opponents off-stage, which leaves them in a position where they get stocked.

#15: Kirby

I love how the odd experiment that was BRIGHTEYES turned into a bandwagon of Kirbys using Air Cutter as their main attack. This surprisingly effective playstyle has cheesed out many tournaments, but overtime I believe that it will get weaker. Especially in my B and B+ tiers, there’s a lot of potential for new discoveries to be made. By the time that SSB Ultimate-r comes out, optimized amiibo will likely have better approach options that will knock Kirby’s main strength. For now, he can enjoy the A- tier, just because he’s been experimented with to the point of this playstyle. Experimentation will lead to better amiibo in the end, and Kirby will (in my opinion) drop a tier or be forced to change again.

#14: Zelda

Well, A tier is here. Zelda’s only here because she counters a lot of the top tiers, with her amazing AI letting her have the edge over Incineroar, Little Mac, Ganondorf, Piranha Plant, and whoever else can’t deal with the mix of good aerials, good ranged options, solid edgeguarding, and the ability to approach just about anyone.

#13: Ganondorf

I owe Ganondorf an apology. In my previous article, I said that he was good and easy to train. This still holds true, but some more difficult training has led me to realize that a Ganondorf relying on smash attacks or on side special won’t do well. To my surprise, he’s best when trained to use smash attacks a lot, side special, and- shockingly- aerials. That’s why he’s in A tier, because his ability to use aerials lets him deal with the pesky edge guards and offstage amiibo that previously destroyed him. 

#12: Ness

See Lucas. Other than what’s there, Ness has a better onstage game using up special to gimp, while Lucas can play offstage more efficiently.

#11 & #10: Pit and Dark Pit

I put Dark Pit above Pit for one reason only: Electroshock Arm deals a little more damage then Upperdash Arm and launches opponents at the blast zone when they stand near the edge, as amiibo often do. The Arms aren’t an especially good part of their playstyles, but it’s nice to have that extra 1%. Pits are high up because they have such good air options, allowing them to rack up damage faster than their opponent. They don’t KO as early as other high tiers, but that doesn’t matter when their output is so much better then their damage they take.

#9: Olimar

I disagree with putting Olimar in S tier, or even A+. The issue is that he doesn’t weigh much, and as amiibo get optimized his air game becomes less relevant. So many amiibo have good anti-air options now, or just powerful enough options to KO him early. Yes, he’s good at damage racking, but he’s going to have to adapt or fall out of favor entirely.

#8: Mii Gunner

Mii Gunner can spam Missiles like there’s no tomorrow, but also can learn how to deal with opponents up close. Up smash and side smash are both good moves for this. The edgeguarding capabilities with Grenade Launches are extreme, and it might be worth exploring Grenade Launch as an onstage KO option as well. Instead of Bomb Drop, Echo Reflector can be used. This can push your Gunner towards a defensive set, but I’ve found that it greatly improves matchups against amiibo that use projectiles as an integral part of their playstyle. Don’t bother with Absorbing Vortex though; it’s too slow and not nearly impactful enough.

#7: Piranha Plant

Plant doesn’t really have bad options. Ptooie is a really nice way to edgeguard or even defend against airborne amiibo. Side special is a really good damage-racking move, and down tilt is a good way to catch opponents off guard. All of the smash attacks are okay options, maybe barring down smash, and in a pinch Plant has aerials that work, albeit not super well.

#6: Link

Link is probably higher than he should be, but the only thing holding him back is his stupid insistence that bombs are miracle drugs. Honestly, he doesn’t have any other real flaws. Maybe down air is something to avoid, and his air power is not a strong point, but his projectiles are strong, especially Boomerang. His smash attacks have both range and power, his grab/tether is useful, and his throws don’t have no use. Definitely deserving of his spot in A+.

#5: Little Mac

Little Mac can’t go offstage. If you train him like that, you should be good. Thankfully, he can play onstage well enough that you don’t need offstage. He deals heavy damage with all of his smash attacks, has decent jab and short hop options, and if needed side special has a little utility. Just don’t prioritize it. With Bowser gone, his best claim to fame is too, but don’t let that fool you- Little Mac is still a top-tier contender.

#4: Ridley

The S tier is here, and so is the top 3. Each of them has some gimmick that lets them win, but it’s notable that all 3 (actually, the top 5) are heavy hitters. The reason that Ridley made it is utility as a counter- he keeps Incineroar in “check” alongside having good matchups overall. His side special and down special both have a ton of power to them, even if Skewer shouldn’t be used except as a gimp (sounds weird, but edgeguarding with it works, it’s just far outstripped by neutral special), and his recovery is decent. His ability to edgeguard with Plasma Breath is a strong point, and his heavy attacks make him able to deal damage and close stocks consistently.

#3: King K. Rool

King K. doesn’t really have a flaw. His crown can be used a lot like Link’s Boomerang, if less often, and his ability to shoot a cannonball, then angle the cannon after sucking it back in to turn a knock into a gimp as well, or even suck up another amiibo before shooting them offstage… wow. Just wow. Plus, he gets Super Armor, has a counter (but stay away from that), a strong dash attack- slow, so use sparingly, and one of the best smash attack sets in the game. His up tilt is also a good anti-air KO move, and just to finish his impressive resume, a really good (despite a nerf) recovery.

#2: Incineroar

Alolan Whip, despite being his best move, shouldn’t be his only move. People seem confused when their Alolan Whip+ Down Smash Incineroar doesn’t do well. Well, he has something like half a dozen moves that work. Side smash on occasion, up smash, up air, and down air (in a pinch) all do really well. Don’t rely solely on it, but Alolan Whip IS the strongest asset he has. Just make sure you teach him how to recover- if he’s under the stage, he’ll hit it then nosedive. 

Whew! Every amiibo out as of 1/1/2020, ranked and explained! I will repeat, though- these are my observations and opinions, and you may think or discover something different. If you made it through this whole article, you probably are a bit annoyed with the length and ready to get mad at a tiny bit of text that you disagree with- be civil, please.

Alright, thanks for reading, and especially for the support after my first article! Thanks to everyone who helped out with the amiibo metagame, you all contributed to this, even if you didn’t realize it, and to the larger amiibo scene, for being amiibo geniuses. Keep calm and amiibo on- oh, and most of all, 

Never Stop Training





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