What IS Amiibo Doctor, anyway?

by Doc

Up until now, the name Amiibo Doctor has meant both the website and the amiibo trainer. I, Amiibo Doctor, created the website Amiibo Doctor. I created the Youtube channel Amiibo Doctor, and the Twitter account @amiibomd, Amiibo Doctor.

As I add new writers to the site, it’ll be important to notate who is writing what. Since we’re already on the Amiibo Doctor website, I’ll start referring to myself as “Doc”. I’m more well known in the amiibo community as Doc anyway, so it ought to be a smooth transition.

Any posts written or updated before March 15th, 2020 that haven’t been clearly attributed to a different author can be reasonably concluded to be mine. We’ve had a few guest posts over the years, like Hidari’s and Spike’s, and aside from those I’ve written every word on this site. Going forward, each article will have a byline with the handle of the respective author.

Hopefully this will result in far fewer questions about the confusing name.


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